Bucket List For A Toddler: Mom's Version

Soon, our little guys (& gals!) will be hopping up the steps to a yellow school bus while we either a) wave sadly goodbye with tears in our eyes or b) rejoice joyously with a yelp of glory.

I guess your reaction all depends on how toddlerhood went for you, right?

This age, this crazy & wonderful & maddening & adorable age that sets my world spinning every day, is something I long to capture forever in words & film & pictures.  & there are some incredible things that I hope to accomplish with my boy before his legs grow longer & the baby cheeks disappear.  Before I’m pulling loose teeth & helping with fractions, I yearn to embrace this age & live it to the fullest with him.

  • Have a tea party! 1 of 10
    Have a tea party!
    Pull out an old blanket, sit down at a tiny table, & enjoy peanut butter & jelly with juice. Even more snaps (of the camera variety) if it's a daddy with his daughter. Everyone say "awww!"
  • Take the kiddo to his first movie. 2 of 10
    Take the kiddo to his first movie.
    I hear The Muppets is pretty darn good! Order a bag of popcorn & share. It will make your heart swell up with happiness. (tip: go to the early viewing & sit in front so you can leave if the kid gets too rowdy)
  • Have a professional photo shoot. 3 of 10
    Have a professional photo shoot.
    Get in front of the camera, momma! Invest in a photography session to capture the munchkin forever at this age. (photo courtesy of Mandy Powers)
  • Go for a real train ride! 4 of 10
    Go for a real train ride!
    Especially if you have a Thomas the Train fan in your house.
  • Play in the rain. 5 of 10
    Play in the rain.
    No umbrellas. Maybe some wellies. But get soaking wet & make mud pies.
  • Feed ducks. 6 of 10
    Feed ducks.
    Grab a bag of stale bread & practice perfecting your quack.
  • Build a snowman! 7 of 10
    Build a snowman!
    Earmuffs & a crazy hat are only half the fun.
  • Build a fort. 8 of 10
    Build a fort.
    Yep, that's me & my two big brothers circa 1988. Grab all the flat sheets in the house & make a hideaway to play in all morning.
  • Go on a date. 9 of 10
    Go on a date.
    Take the cute nugget out for a sweet treat, just the two of you. Soak in that one-on-one time & get silly.
  • Jump in the waves! 10 of 10
    Jump in the waves!
    Take a day trip or a week to the beach, soak up the rays & let your kiddo frolic in the ocean. Hold his hands & let him leap!

Beth Anne writes words & takes pictures on The Heir to Blair.
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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