When a Toddler Finds Her Lost Lovey

vivis bunnyThey were the happiest seven minutes of Vivi’s life — the time she found one of her three spare bunnies tucked away in a remote corner of her playhouse. It was our fault, really, becuase the week before, we had lost track of bunny after a very busy day. We knew he was somewhere in the house; we just didn’t know where. “We’ll find him later,” we told her as we pulled a spare out from the secret stash of bunnies in her closet so we could get her to sleep.

Late last week, as Vivi and I were playing upstairs, I heard the most joyous squeal from inside her little house. “BUNNY! I HAVE TWO BUNNIES!” as she came out holding them above her head like little floppy trophies. She immediately set to work putting the bunnies to bed, but not before kissing them both on the head and shouting, “I HAVE ANOTHER BUNNY!”

I have never seen her happier. Every part of her tiny round body vibrated with excitement, but I knew what I had to do. I had to get the spare bunny back into the safety of the closet. What if she had to have two bunnies all the time? We don’t have enough supply for that much demand. Once Vivi realized she couldn’t do as much with a bunny under each arm, she made beds for each of them — “BLANKETS! I NEED ANOTHER BLANKET FOR THE OTHER BUNNY!” — so she could have a free arm for playing.

I tried to explain to her that the other bunny was just visiting and would need to go home to his family.

“All right,” Vivi said.

She tucked them in, said “Goodnight, dear bunnies,” and patted them on their little bunny bums. She then went about playing as usual while muttering to herself about “two bunnies!” and “another bunny!” After a few minutes, I saw my chance. I slipped one of the bunnies out from under his blanket and stashed him away in the safety of her closet. She noticed a few minutes later. “Wait, where’s the other bunny? WHERE’D HE GO?” I could hear the panic in her voice.

“He hopped away home!” I even pointed outside to the snow and a set of small footprints as evidence. (She didn’t need to know they were actually her own footprints.)

She sat by the window, mumbling to herself:”Come back, bunny! Goodbye, bunny. I miss you, bunny.”

She turned and looked at me with big, sad toddler eyes. “Other bunny hopped away?”

“Yes baby, other bunny had to go home to his family.”

*Sigh* “Okay.”

I didn’t take other bunny away before getting at least one picture of the happiest seven minutes of Vivi’s life.

vivi and the bunnies

Have your kids ever discovered a spare lovey? How did you explain the phenomenon?


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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