Busting Stereotypes: Tattoos and Motherhood

Tattoos and motherhood: they don’t seem to go hand-in-hand in the eyes of the general public. As a mother with many tattoos, most of which are visible, I have gotten negative comments over the years.

Anything from being called trashy to a bad mother all because of body art. Can you actually believe it? Yes, people still think like that in the year 2012!

Recently, after yet another comment on the impact tattoos have on a woman’s ability to be a parent, I decided I would write a post about how asinine the stereotype is and showcase a ton of awesome mothers who also have tattoos. And are (GASP!) good mothers!

The Babble readers were amazing and generous submitting their photos as well as stories of their artwork.

In the upcoming months I am working on a design for my 18th tattoo which will be a memorial for my sister who passed away in October. I am really looking forward to this tattoo.

I want to thank all of the awesome women who submitted their photographs, and if you have a tattoo be sure to comment below and tell us all about it (and how you can still be a fantastic parent even with tattoos)!

  • Submitted by Diane 1 of 24
    Submitted by Diane
    This beautiful piece of artwork was submitted by Diane, a mother of two toddlers!
  • Submitted by Danielle 2 of 24
    Submitted by Danielle
    This one belongs to me, although it is just a small portion of the many pieces of artwork that cover my body.
  • Submitted by Ashley 3 of 24
    Submitted by Ashley
    Ashley is a first time mother of one who has her zodiac sign tattooed on her wrist.
  • Submitted by Monica 4 of 24
    Submitted by Monica
    Monica shared this with us for her son, lyrics to the Lynyrd Skynyrd song Simple Man.
  • Submitted by Michelle 5 of 24
    Submitted by Michelle
    Michelle was brave enough to share her two important tattoos with us. One being the National Breastfeeding Symbol and the other her proud badge as Mom!
  • Submitted by Joey 6 of 24
    Submitted by Joey
    A moving memorial tattoo to her stillborn daughter, Joey a mother of two boys and an angel, shares with us.
  • Submitted by Kristen 7 of 24
    Submitted by Kristen
    Kristen shared her tattoo, and also said her boys call it her "artwork." Adorable!
  • Submitted by Sarah 8 of 24
    Submitted by Sarah
    A special tattoo full of meaning. Sarah shares her artwork which means "life" in Hebrew. The tattoo covers a scar from tendon repair surgery.
  • Submitted by Katie 9 of 24
    Submitted by Katie
    The pictures themselves of Katie's tattoos are self explanatory.
  • Submitted by Jo 10 of 24
    Submitted by Jo
    Jo is a complete baby when it comes to needles, so when she got her tiny little tattoo, she was extremely proud!
  • Submitted by Julia 11 of 24
    Submitted by Julia
    I love this one. What a beautiful piece!
  • Submitted by Samantha 12 of 24
    Submitted by Samantha
    Samantha shared her picture of her tattoo which is dedicated to her son Patrick.
  • Submitted by Amy 13 of 24
    Submitted by Amy
    Amy shared this tattoo she got as a memory of her time teaching English in Thailand and all the experiences she had.
  • Submitted by Mallory 14 of 24
    Submitted by Mallory
    This musically inspired tattoo was submitted by Mallory.
  • Submitted by Megan 15 of 24
    Submitted by Megan
    Megan submitted this beautiful picture of her and her son Elijah. As you can see from the picture she has a beautiful half-sleeve, as well as her son's name!
  • Submitted by Julie 16 of 24
    Submitted by Julie
    Julie shared her half sleeve with everyone. I personally love it and think it is one of my favorites out of all the photos moms shared!
  • Submitted by Wendy 17 of 24
    Submitted by Wendy
    This moving picture taken right after Wendy gave birth showcases so many levels of emotion! I think it is beautiful that her tattoo is front and center!
  • Submitted by Korry 18 of 24
    Submitted by Korry
    Although Korry has 14 tattoos, this is her favorite tattoo. Her daughter is named Magdalene Rose, so it has a lot of meaning to her.
  • Submitted by Sarah 19 of 24
    Submitted by Sarah
    The tattoo Sarah shared with us is called mother love in honor of the three phases of a woman's life: maiden, mother and crone. Her sister, mother and herself got them all tattooed together.
  • Submitted by Dacia 20 of 24
    Submitted by Dacia
    Small but cute! Dacia shared her petite butterfly with us!
  • Submitted by Lauren 21 of 24
    Submitted by Lauren
    Lauren is a mom of three little girls, and also has nine tattoos. You go girl!
  • Submitted by Astrid 22 of 24
    Submitted by Astrid
    I absolutely love this one! Astrid shared four of her tattoos all with very deep meaning. This represents a winery her family owns.
  • Submitted by Charlie 23 of 24
    Submitted by Charlie
    Charlie from submitted a photo of his wife's tattoo. They both have Finnegan's name tattooed. Charlie said her's is far prettier!
  • Submitted by Calley 24 of 24
    Submitted by Calley
    It's a bird! It's a plane! Its a cloth diaper tattoo! Or is it not? Calley posted this temporary tattoo she had made and put on for a laugh. I love it!


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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