Busy Moms: Super Quick Workout You Can Do in the Kitchen!

Quick Workout For Busy Moms That You Can Do in the Kitchen!A couple of months ago, I started getting my fitness on at Barre3 and I’ve absolutely LOVED it!

Getting out of the house and pushing myself to do Barre3 — ballet/yoga/pilates-infused routines — in a studio has been great for many reasons. Now that I’ve been at it for a bit, I feel so much stronger and balanced and I can tell that my flexibility has improved. I also look forward to that little chunk of time in my day where I can be child-free and just focus on a little something for myself.

I realize that the cost and logistics involved in getting to a studio regularly may not be an option for some women, which is why Barre3 also offers online classes that are totally perfect for busy moms, and I also really like them because it allows me to model health and fitness at home for my daughter. Sometimes she’ll stop what she’s doing to watch me and will often try to imitate some of the moves that I am doing, and it makes me feel good to be setting a foundation for her and showing her that being healthy and active is important.

If you’re interested in trying it out, there are actually a couple of really great videos online on Dr. Oz’s website right now. Barre3 founder Sadie Lincoln has come up with a couple of 5-minute workouts for Dr. Oz that viewers can do right in their homes without any equipment. There are three videos, including a 5-minute kitchen workout, a 5-minute chair workout, and a move one inch workout. These are great ways for moms to sneak in a quick workout in the middle of their day when they can’t commit to a full Barre3 online workout or to heading in to the studio.

I’ve tried the 5-minute kitchen video and loved it! Check it out and squeeze a little 5-minute fitness into your day!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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