Capturing Memories: An Impromptu Photo Session with My Toddler

There’s a lot to love about age three: that silly sense of humor, emerging independence, and hilarious mispronunciations (if your child’s a fan of Thomas the Tank Engine‘s friend “Percy” you’ll know what I mean).

Another thing I love about this age is that my daughter loves having her picture taken, and the photo sessions that ensue are priceless. A case in point: one day recently she appeared in the kitchen wearing her Ariel costume and sunglasses, ready for a photo shoot. I was busy and initially told her no— after all, we’re packing for a move and my to do list is always a mile long.

That’s when I saw it: the look in my daughter’s eyes that pierces through me with daggers of mommy guilt. There’d be plenty of time for wiping down cabinet doors and matching lids to Tupperware, but my daughter will only be age three once.

It’s a constant struggle for me seize those fleeting moments of toddler fun as they happen. I vowed a few months ago to embrace the power of yes, and how easily I’d forgotten.

I put down the sponge and told my daughter that Yes, honey, why not. Let’s take a few pictures.

Here’s what I got. These photos are ridiculous and silly and capture my daughter perfectly. I’m so glad I have them.

  • Showing off Her Mermaid Duds 1 of 4
    Showing off Her Mermaid Duds
    I love her enthusiasm and little sense of self. I hope my daughter never loses her confidence.
  • Keeping it Classy 2 of 4
    Keeping it Classy
    One of my daughter's favorite things to do is to play dress up in her costumes. I'm so glad I've preserved the memory of this time in her life!
  • A Keeper 3 of 4
    A Keeper
    Hilarious! I love that sassy little pose.
  • No More Pictures, Please 4 of 4
    No More Pictures, Please
    Modeling is exhausting. Time for a juice box!

When was the last time you seized the moment with your toddler and discovered the power of yes? Tell me about it in the comments!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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