5 Things to Know About Car Seat Laws

5 things to know about car seat lawsI was listening to NPR last weekend and on “Wait. Wait. Don’t Tell Me”, a gentleman from England made a joke in reference to the various laws pertaining to each state. Each state has their own set of laws and the man asked if when entering a new state if you get a booklet with all the laws listed out.

If it were only that easy, right? The same holds true when it comes to car seats (or child restraints as “the law” calls them).  Learn more about what states are strict, which one isn’t, and other information about state child restraint laws.

Here are 5 Things to Know About Car Seat Laws

  • Laws Vary State to State 1 of 5
    Laws Vary State to State
    Every state has child restraint laws, they just vary from state to state.
  • States with the Strictest Laws 2 of 5
    States with the Strictest Laws
    Tennessee and Wyoming have the strictest laws in regards to safety belts and child restraints. Who would of thunk?
  • State Where a 4-Year-Old Doesn’t Need a Child Restraint … 3 of 5
    State Where a 4-Year-Old Doesn't Need a Child Restraint ...
    Did you know in Florida, your toddler doesn't have to be in a car restraint when they turn 4?
  • Yes, Officer? 4 of 5
    Yes, Officer?
    Did you know you can be stopped by the police in most states if an officer suspects your child isn't complying with the state's child restraint law? This is known because child restraint laws are primary (this isn't so in Nebraska or Ohio). image source: KPEL
  • Rear Facing Car Seats 5 of 5
    Rear Facing Car Seats
    Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that your child stay in a rear-facing car seat until he or she is 2 years old? In Sweden, children have ridden in rear-facing seats for many years up to the ages of 4 years and very low death and injury rates have been documented.
    Only a few state laws require rear facing car seats until 1 years old.

Read more details and find out what the laws are in your state at

What Do You Think About the Child Car Seat Laws in Your State?

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