Celebrity Toddler Superlatives

Mason Disick, Most Likely to Make Out With a Hotdog

It’s been an active 2012 so far with the fashion and the public tantrums and the Suri-Cruise-is-finally-free stuff going on! ┬áNeedless to say, Hollywood toddlers have been keeping busy.

Some of them have turned into big siblings, like Honor Warren and Liam McDermott, while others took fantastic vacations, like the Federline boys who spent many days on the beach.

All in all, the class of 2028-ish had a great start to the year!

Check out the just-for-fun-because-they’re-cute superlatives for my favorite celebrity toddlers, including one who gets a superlative before it’s even born:

  • Most Likely to Make Out with a Hotdog 1 of 10
    Most Likely to Make Out with a Hotdog
    Totally a nod to Mean Girls. But he is a Kardashian by default and that means ATTENTION WHORE.
  • Best Dressed/Prom Queen 2 of 10
    Best Dressed/Prom Queen
    Suri Cruise, the tot queen of accessories, kiddie couture, and a glare that could freeze the devil himself.
  • Most Unsung 3 of 10
    Most Unsung
    Charlotte Prinze is quietly classy, beautiful, and kept away from the prying eyes of society and cameras. We'd love to see more of this darling tot!
  • Best Looking 4 of 10
    Best Looking
    His mom is a supermodel, his dad went shirtless in Pirates of the Carribean. Little Flynn Bloom won the gene pool lottery.
  • Most Likely to be Famous 5 of 10
    Most Likely to be Famous
    Kingston Rossdale has a rocker name, rocker parents, and rocker style. Pretty sure we're going to see this kid in the future on an album.
  • Most Trendy 6 of 10
    Most Trendy
    Matilda Ledger doesn't even try - she's just born that way. Pink Hunter boots, Oscar-worthy parents, a brownstone in New York -- she even has a hipster name. The only thing this girl is missing is a top knot.
  • Most Athletic 7 of 10
    Most Athletic
    Preston Federline takes the cake, with his parents (and photographers) on the sidelines for games. If he's not in uniform, he's usually running down the beach or swimming with Brit-Brit.
  • Biggest Tomboy 8 of 10
    Biggest Tomboy
    With two older brothers, it's not a surprise that Shiloh Jolie-Pitt leans towards camo and short haircuts.
  • Biggest Wallflower 9 of 10
    Biggest Wallflower
    Cartoon pajamas, glasses, often has her nose in a book. Violet Affleck tends to simply not fit in along with her couture peers (and I think that's just lovely!).
  • Most Popular 10 of 10
    Most Popular
    This kid isn't even a twinkle in Will's eye yet (that we know of!) but the whole world is watching Kate's midsection with hawk eyes.

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