Chicken Little Goes Trick-Or-Treating

Is the sky falling? Or is it me?

I’ll admit it. I didn’t have high hopes for Halloween this year. Mostly because we went all out last year (fog machine, strobe lights, flying ghosts) and every last bit of it got burned up in a big house fire earlier this year.

I kind of figured I’d take it easy this year. Which I think made the holiday a whole lot more enjoyable. Turns out, we had a great time. Hayrides, pumpkin painting/carving, all culminating in a neighborhood trick-or-treating extravaganza. There was so much fun stuff going on the kids had cause to wear their costumes at least five different times making me feel like we really got our dollar’s worth. Which wasn’t much considering we bought Henry’s costume at a secondhand store and Violet’s at Walmart.

A good time was had by all, mostly because we have such awesome friends and neighbors.

Come along, won’t you? C’mon out for a country visit as Hank The Tank Takes On Halloween.

  • Chicken Little 1 of 25
    Chicken Little
    Hey, it's me, Chicken Little. And this is my story.
  • Cookie Castle 2 of 25
    Cookie Castle
    Listen guys, I think we've been doing it wrong. The instructions say the frosting goes on the cookie castle and not in our mouths.
  • You’re Doing It Wrong! 3 of 25
    You're Doing It Wrong!
    Violet, quit bogarting the frosting!
  • Seriously! 4 of 25
    We need more orange on the roof. MORE ORANGE!
  • Chicken Time 5 of 25
    Chicken Time
    Maybe they'll listen to me if I get my chicken on! Plus, everything tastes better when I'm in the chicken suit. Even chicken.
  • Important Meeting 6 of 25
    Important Meeting
    Discussing our trick-or-treating strategy.
  • Strategery 7 of 25
    No Cow! Starting at the North end of the street is pure stupidity! We must start South and trick-or-treat our way North!
  • Party Time 8 of 25
    Party Time
    Hey! I thought she said we couldn't use our hands!
  • Got One! 9 of 25
    Got One!
    Chickens like apples, right?
  • Moving On 10 of 25
    Moving On
    All right, these fools don't know how to bob for apples. What other games do you guys have planned?
  • Hands Free! 11 of 25
    Hands Free!
    Sister knows how to get it done!
  • Is That You, Dad? 12 of 25
    Is That You, Dad?
    Why is my dad wearing leather shorts?
  • Chicken Down! 13 of 25
    Chicken Down!
    Woops! I thought the sky was falling but it was just me.
  • Who’s That? 14 of 25
    Who's That?
    Who is that man with my mom?
  • Dorks 15 of 25
    That's better. I still don't understand why dad is wearing leather shorts though. Parents are SO embarrassing.
  • Run! 16 of 25
    This situation is getting dicey. Imma make a run for it!
  • Kidding! 17 of 25
    I don't know what's going on. These guys are freaking me out.
  • Hayride! 18 of 25
  • It’s Dark and Scary! 19 of 25
    It's Dark and Scary!
    Now that my big moment is here I'm not so sure about this whole trick-or-treating thing.
  • An Assist From Dad 20 of 25
    An Assist From Dad
    Thanks for helping a chicken out, dad!
  • Pit Stop 21 of 25
    Pit Stop
    Whew! I like candy but this is a lot of walking for such a little chicken.
  • Mom 22 of 25
    That's my mom, she's nice. She also has a big zit on her chin she's trying to hide in my chicken feathers but she ain't foolin' nobody.
  • Rumble 23 of 25
    Now it's time to play! The rabid dog is bringing the smack down onto the poor little frog. I'll help you!
  • Party Time 24 of 25
    Party Time
    Wait for me!
  • Tuckered Out 25 of 25
    Tuckered Out
    Taking a break from being a chicken for a while.

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