Chicken Scratch

As he see things?One of Wyndham’s favourite activities is to practice writing his letters.

We’ve been doing it with him for ages and within the past few weeks he has hit a milestone, our little dude is writing out words, spelling them on his own and reading!

I mean, really reading – before he was mostly memorizing his favourite books, but now – it is heart-wrenchingly clear that he is learning how to read.

This is is probably one of my most favourite milestones to watch.

It’s right up there with speech development and walking. Although, this one – this one hits the, my toddler is a kid, chord.

Which is fine, honest. I’m ok. No dramatic, poetic thoughts to wax here folks. My toddler is nearly a kid now, and I couldn’t be more proud. This is such a cool stage.

beatific to meHe’s telling jokes (actual good ones, with lots of potty humor thrown in for good measure). He’s crushing on girls (one in particular).

He’s getting himself dressed and un-dressed and doing a darn good job of washing his hands, his teeth and even wiping his bum!

I know – big developments here my friends. HUGE.

I love sitting down to draw and write out letters with him, his scrawling, arched letters may look like chicken scratch to some, but you know I’m going to frame some of this action.

He’s in the 1st stage of spelling development, where his inquisitive, intelligent mind is drawn to ‘invented spelling’, a term used to describe the theory that children spell base on their understanding of phonology (how they hear things). Yet, he always looks up at me for guidance, as if he intuitively knows that there is a better letter to use.

I watch him strategize and ruminate over his spelling in a way that crosses me as beyond his years, although perhaps that’s just me being a proud mama. I think one of the biggest reasons for his early development in this way is that we’ve always had writing materials readily available for him.

He takes great pride in his work and I see the happiness in his eyes when we praise his work. He informed me the other day, “Dis awl I need mama”. (Markers, paper and a smoothie). Not quite sure if he meant literally, always – or just in that moment, but I’m going to go with the poetic toddler prose.


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