Experiencing Christmas Day with a 3-Year-Old

While I have not one but two toddlers, our Izaiah ,the 3-year-old, is the one who really GOT it this year. Everything about Christmas leading up to the day was magic… There was the Elf on the Shelf (that just sat on the shelf the whole time because I just can’t do that. I tried, it didn’t work!). Izaiah named him Magic. The Christmas tree we bought this year came with a remote to control the lights, that was magic. (And I am sure the neighbors enjoyed our nightly strobe light show!) With all the anticipation, I knew our Christmas day was sure to be magic as well.

On Christmas Eve, in an attempt to prevent Izaiah from seeing the gifts, I let him sleep upstairs with his big brother. “Is Santa Claus coming?” he’d say. “Yes, baby… Santa is coming–just get some rest and we will have a great Christmas.”

After a good two-hour rest, I woke up extra early (meaning 7 am–I don’t do mornings) to start Christmas morning breakfast and beat the kids to the punch. I heard Izaiah upstairs, so I ran to get him.

“Where is Santa Claus?” (Izaiah)

“Santa?” (me)

“Santa come to our house?” (Izaiah)

“Yes, Santa came, let’s go downstairs.” (me)

“No, where Santa at.” (Izaiah)

The poor buddy was expecting for us to have Santa Claus as a visitor. It wasn’t the toys (that being said, he LOVED the toys) he was expecting, it was Santa.

He got over the fact that Santa wasn’t coming fairly quick as soon as he say Santa left him a drum set. And then as soon as he got done playing his drum solo, he started ripping into every present he could–most that weren’t his.

It was a Christmas to remember. One that we will never forget. I can’t wait for our Zeke to enjoy Christmas next year. This year, it was too overwhelming. He unwrapped a total of three gifts before deciding all of this was too much.

Here’s a few photos from our Christmas.

  • All the Kids 1 of 9

    In their Christmas pajamas. It's one of our Christmas Eve traditions. And yes, I won't let anyone go to bed until I get ONE good picture of all of the kids together. I don't ask for this often, but I consider this yearly pic my Christmas gift!

  • Church 2 of 9

    This year was Izaiah's first year in big church during Christmas. He did great (the iPad helped!)

  • The Drum Set 3 of 9

    This boy has a LOVE for music. And while I totally did NOT want to buy him a drum set, I saw him making a drum set out of a trash can and baskets a few weeks ago and knew I had to find him one. Thank you Amazon for this $35, hard-to-destroy drum set (and for actually arriving on time!)

  • Gifts 4 of 9

    Sometime during the morning, Izaiah lost his pants. This is not new for Izaiah...

  • Zeke and Ted 5 of 9

    Ted was a Christmas present that, I found out quickly, I couldn't hide. He has been around since Black Friday and become a member of our family. Zeke dragged him into the family room to celebrate Christmas with us.

  • Bubbles 6 of 9

    BUBBLES!! (And mom found them on clearance!) Our boys LOVE them some bubbles--though, it never fails, our bubble jug gets knocked over within five minutes of bubble time.

  • Zeke 7 of 9

    Amazingly, I got a picture of Zeke opening a present. He really would of just preferred that we open the gifts for him.

  • Excited! 8 of 9

    The kids don't get toys unless it's their birthday or Christmas. This year, Izaiah's mind was blown by all the fun. He woke up on the 26th asking if it was Christmas again... Sorry bud, I hate to break it to you, but Christmas is only one day a year.

  • Grandma’s 9 of 9

    And if Christmas at our house wasn't enough, we celebrated two other times with the grandparents.

What did your toddler think of Christmas?

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