5 Reasons We Are Raising Our Family in Church

church and familyToday I am thankful for our church.


What does that word mean to you?  I know for some that this word can stir up all types of emotions. Some people run. Some people mock. Some people smile. Some people appreciate the mention. For me and our family, it’s just a part of our lives and who we are as parents raising 4 kids.

I was raised Catholic. It was a constant battle with my parents, and later on with the church itself. The formality killed me and my A.D.D. The weird, unexplained sermons each Sunday left me confused. Having to dress up each week drove me crazy. Later in my teen years, the conflicting birth control message, confessing my sins to a weird man, and the absense of women in leadership (yes, I know this has since changed a bit) – it all appalled me. As soon as my parents stopped attending regularly, so did I. Sure, I had great friends. But I had no practical spiritual takeaway , which after 17 years of regular attendance you’d think that I might have picked up along the way.

After my husband and I were married, we church hopped. He was raised Mormon later converting to non-denominational Christianity in his late teens. Trying to find a church after being a Catholic and Mormon was hard and it wasn’t a priority in our early married years. Then we had kids.

Suddenly the idea of church became more and more of a reality that we felt led to as parents. Something my husband and I both agreed on early into this church experiment is that whatever we found, we didn’t want it to be like the experiences that we had growing up. We wanted somewhere that didn’t preach at the kids (or ourselves) and we didn’t want a church that was surrounded in layers of mystery.

Soon after our first child was born 9 years ago, we started attending church and came to the realization – this was something WE needed to do, not just for the two of us but for the family that we were raising. I know that some people shun the idea. Hey, whatever works for your family. But for us, it was, and still is, a need.

Here’s 5 Reasons That Explain Why We Are Raising Our Family in Church!

While I know what God has done for me, faith is a personal thing. I can share and I raise my children  by explaining who I believe God is, but at the end of the day – their decision as to who God is remains up to them. As much as He has helped me since I committed my life to Christ, the least I can do is want that for my kids.

The church we attend is a non-denominational Grace-based church. We believe that Jesus died for our sins. It’s a “come as you are” church. No matter who you are, you are welcomed. I’m not perfect and am so glad they accept me – and the 5 other imperfects in our crew. It’s family-oriented, kid-friendly, and just what our family needs.

Are You Raising Your Kids In Church? (Psst.. this isn’t a religious debate!)

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