Cleaning House: 8 Items I No Longer Need Now That I Have A Toddler

baby crib
There are better clothes hangers.

Nothing is more satisfying than getting rid of stuff.

Some days I feel like I’m a borderline hoarder, but having kids has taken me over the edge. It’s amazing how much junk you can accumulate just by adding a person (or two) to your family.

I’m finally getting ready to purge a bunch of things I don’t need anymore now that I have one toddler and one preschooler. In some ways it’s sad because this means we’re really done with babies. But as far as the stuff is concerned, I’m happy to say “Sayonara” ” Good riddance!” “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!”

Here’s what I’m losing in the next week (fingers crossed):

  • The baby tub 1 of 8
    The baby tub
    Now a home for dollies, including MY former Cabbage Patch Kid: Jocelyn Nella, this blue piece of plastic just has to go.
  • The Clothes Hanger…Um…Crib. 2 of 8
    The Clothes Hanger...Um...Crib.
    As you can see, this item is not used for it's intended purpose. Crib: your days at our house are numbered!
  • The baby carriers 3 of 8
    The baby carriers
    The worn Bjorn. I got this second-hand, but barely used it. I have a lot of other carriers and sling that are hopefully leaving, too. The exception is my Ergo where I can happily carry either boy on my back.
  • The last bottle 4 of 8
    The last bottle
    This is the sad last bottle. He still drinks water out of it, but is happy with sippies and even a big boy cup sometimes. The cup has to have about a tablespoon in it at a time or he will systematically dump it on the floor.
  • Diaper processing 5 of 8
    Diaper processing
    No, Fuzz is not potty-trained yet, but his dumps are way too stinky for the champ. They go directly into the toilet and then the OUTSIDE trash.
  • High chair 6 of 8
    High chair
    This guy just collects dust in our house. It was a climbing structure for a while, but now long forgotten.
  • Pacifiers 7 of 8
    I bought a million pacifiers when I tried desperately to get Fuzz to take one. Now he finds them under the couch, covered in dust...and then promptly puts them in his mouth for five seconds. Out they go.
  • Pack-n-play 8 of 8
    Much like the crib, this guy hasn't seen any action for months and months. See you later, alligator.



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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