Create a Magical Personalized Message from Santa for FREE!

I don’t get excited about a lot of things. Clearance racks, yard sales, good hair days and unexpected surprises in my mailbox are pretty much all the excitement I can handle.

But then I discovered the PNP Portable North Pole.

OH. MY. WOW! Now this is something to get excited about!

PNP Portable North Pole is an amazing website created by some very amazing elves at U Group Media allowing people like you and me to create totally free and absolutely magical personalized messages from Santa to the children in their lives! According to the PNP, since the launch of the Portable North Pole, Santa has sent more than 10 million personalized messages to children worldwide! Talk about Christmas magic!

These magical videos are super easy to create and completely personalized; all you have to do is answer a few questions!

Last year I created messages from Santa for both of children and they were not only mesmerized, but filled with all the joy and magic of the holiday. It made me feel way squishy inside. My own mother couldn’t get over Santa’s magical messages, she must have watched the videos five times each!

I’ve created a sample video using my son as an example your viewing pleasure. Click on the link below to check out a fully personalized message including pictures of BooBoo over the last year in the message!


Told ya it was amazing! Click here to create your own personalized PNP message and help spread Christmas magic of the PNP!

[Images courtesy: U Group Media/PNP Portable North Pole]

Pretty cool huh? Will you be creating a personalized message from Santa with the help of the PNP?

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