20 Hilarious? Cruel? Photos of Kids Crying When They Don’t Get What They Want

The Blogger Nicole Leigh Shaw over at Ninja Mom Blog has been posting photos of kids crying, but what separates her photos from “Reasons My Son is Crying” is the hilarious captions illustrating “what kids want” vs. “what they get.”

I know when I was little I always wanted a dog. We got a hamster. I also wanted to go to Space Camp. I got regular old day camp.

My three-year-old daughter wants to wear pajamas to school (we insist she wear clothes), she wants to eat dessert for dinner (she must eat some protein first) and she wants to watch television ALL THE TIME (she gets an hour in the morning). She lets us know how these injustices make her feel through fits of tears.

As for my eight-month-old, she bursts into tears whenever she’s held by someone other than myself.

They say you have to be consistent and never give in. It’s tough but we are trying. In the meantime, I like knowing that we aren’t the only parents with a kid that turns on the waterworks every time they feel slighted by something ridiculous.

All photos used with permission from Ninja Mom Blog.

  • Wanted a pool. Got a sprinkler. 1 of 20

    Yeah, it's not the same.

  • Wanted a hoodie. Got a hat. 2 of 20

    Hoodies are way cooler.

  • Wanted to stay in the womb. Got born. 3 of 20

    I bet it's nice and cozy in there.

  • Wanted to be original. Got cloned. 4 of 20

    Hopefully, they are not identical.

  • Wanted the orange bow. Got the green one. 5 of 20

    It's not the same!!!!

  • Wants to play. Hates all his toys. 6 of 20

    Even the train set he begged his mom to get for months?

  • Asked for an iPad. Got a book. 7 of 20

    I'd cry too.

  • Wanted a surf board. Got a floatie. 8 of 20

    You have to learn to swim first!

  • Wanted everything. Got nothing. 9 of 20

    There's no cure for this kind of tantrum.

  • Wanted a present. Got a sibling. 10 of 20

    This is the kind of present that steals all your toys!

  • Wanted snow. Got cold. 11 of 20

    Mittens would help. "But I hate mittens!"

  • Wanted to life to be fair. Got schooled. 12 of 20

    You gotta get over that one. You'll be going to school for the next fifteen years.

  • Wanted Diego. Got Jake. 13 of 20

    At least it wasn't Dora.

  • Wanted springtime. Got allergies. 14 of 20

    I've been living with that one my whole life. WAAAAAH!!!!

  • Wanted Spiderman. Got Batman. 15 of 20

    Thank god it wasn't Firegirl.

  • Wanted a push. Had to pump. 16 of 20

    Big Girl problems are the worst.

  • Wanted to ride ponies. Got to take turns. 17 of 20

    Happens to the best of us.

  • Wanted to punch his sister. Missed. 18 of 20

    Self-inflicted torture. Sad.

  • Wanted to build a castle. Had to touch sand. 19 of 20

    And there you have my whole problem with the beach.

  • Wanted a brother. Got a sister. 20 of 20

    I'm sure you can torture her just as much.

To counteract all the (albeit hilarious) negativity, I’m looking for pictures of kids in a moment of ridiculous over-the-top joy. Please post your photos on the Mommy Shorts facebook page.

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