Cullen’s First Snow

This stuff is COLD!

Okay that’s a lie. It’s technically his second snow.  We had some snow last year in Seattle, but Cullen was so small and he spent the whole time bundled up in a fuzzy bear suit, barely able to see out from his massive padded hood. So I am deeming this year his first snow – the first time I have watched his face light up as he plunged his hand into a pile of fresh white powder.

We had a small snowstorm last week. Seattle proper didn’t see a single flake, and somehow my suburb just a few miles away got a few inches. Weather is weird like that. It has been cold enough recently that the snow has stuck around, and it has provided some fun entertainment on the neighborhood playground.

After we woke up to a blanket of white outside, we bundled up and headed out to play. Of course, I grabbed my camera to capture the fun while Casey and Cullen ran around.

Click through to see a few photos of Cullen’s first snow adventure!

  • What’s up with this white stuff? 1 of 10
    What's up with this white stuff?
    He's way too young to remember last year's snow, so I'm deeming this his "first" snow as an aware, curious child.
  • Check out my lobster arms! 2 of 10
    Check out my lobster arms!
    I love his bulky little mittens. His thumbs don't go in the thumb holes yet, so I just pull them on as high as they will go, and pray he doesn't pull them off. I can't handle seeing his hands freeze!
  • Let’s go this way, Dad. 3 of 10
    Let's go this way, Dad.
    One of the perks of a snow day? Dad worked from home! Cullen loves whenever Casey is home, so this was a fun treat for both of us.
  • Snow is slippery. 4 of 10
    Snow is slippery.
    I dressed him in his thickest pair of lined pants, knowing this moment was inevitable.
  • Snow looks tasty… 5 of 10
    Snow looks tasty...
    After I took a bite myself, Cullen curiously leaned down for a bite of his own.
  • I’m not so sure about this. 6 of 10
    I'm not so sure about this.
    He isn't used to eating things at extreme temperatures, since most of his food is served lukewarm. I think the cold temp of the snow was quite a shock to his tiny mouth!
  • On second thought, can I please have some more? 7 of 10
    On second thought, can I please have some more?
    It only took a bite or two before he was leaning down for more and more. He couldn't get enough!
  • This snow stuff is pretty awesome. 8 of 10
    This snow stuff is pretty awesome.
    We spent about 30 minutes out there, running around, eating snow, and snapping pictures. He was so happy to have this new environment to play in!
  • Can we have snow every day? 9 of 10
    Can we have snow every day?
    No, we can't. Mostly because we live in Seattle, and it rarely snows here. And also because mom is terrified of driving in the snow, and is already counting down until summer!
  • Okay, I’m frozen. Let’s go inside. 10 of 10
    Okay, I'm frozen.  Let's go inside.
    It was so much fun to experience something as simple as snow through the eyes of a small child. His joy and energy are so refreshing!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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