Cullen’s New Club House

We’re in the winter rut where we’re stuck indoors and all the toys and play spaces have lost their appeal. We’re in desperate need of newness, but that can’t always mean a trip to the toy store and a swipe of the credit card. More and more, I’m trying to create new things out of old things. I’m moving things into different rooms, rearranging toy areas so they seem new and exciting, and I’m pulling old toys out of closets that I hid months ago.

We have a bonus room on the third floor of our house that I originally envisioned as being this great play space for Cullen. And it probably would be if we spent more time up there, but we rarely do. It’s so far from the rest of the house, and it’s pretty empty up there. So this weekend I dragged his Ikea tent down from the playroom and brought it into his room. I filled it up with his stuffed animals and a basket of books, and brought him into his room to see the new setup.

His eyes seriously lit up the minute he saw the tent. What was boring and no fun upstairs has become a fun secret clubhouse in the corner of his sunroom. I can’t get him out of there! All afternoon I’ve been folding laundry, cleaning up, and organizing toys while he’s played happily inside – talking to stuffed animals, flipping through books, and¬†occasionally¬†peeking his head out to say “peekaboo!”

It’s a good reminder that I can create fun, exciting spaces here in our house without needing new things and spending a lot of money. The best part? At night he lets me crawl in too and we read books together in the tent before bedtime. Glad he is letting me be part of his club…for now.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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