Curtains on Toddlers

hiding behind the curtainsI was walking through a home store earlier this week with Vivi trailing behind me. I looked back at her every few steps to make sure she was still following along with bunny in a chokehold. Towards the end of our shopping trip I looked back but I didn’t see her. “Vivi?” I called. That’s when I heard one of the curtains giggle.

I can remember going shopping with my mom as a kid, the big circular racks of clothes were the best places in the world to hide and now that I’m a parent I realize the reason my mom never minded us hiding in the racks was because we were still, quiet and contained so she could browse whatever she happened to be looking for. Mens’ slacks were always the best, followed closely by long sleeve shirts, sweaters or blouses, anything that would hide you completely. Bonus if the rack had a crossbar you could sit on in the middle. More than a few times my sister and I surprised an unsuspecting shopper with our presence, which we always thought was hysterical.

Vivi has hid in a few clothing racks, but her weakness is curtains. I love that toddlers believe that if they can’t see you, you can’t see them. They’re terrible at hide and seek because they always seem to leave a body part hanging out and if they do manage to hide all their limbs, you only have to call for them and they giggle. It took Addie years to quit giggling at hide and seek and to be honest she’s still kind of terrible at it.

Hiding Vivi

Vivi isn’t a whole lot different than the cats, give her a place to hide, something to sit in or under and she’ll think it’s the most magical place in the world. I was really hoping we’d end up with Nemo like snow this year so we could build a really cool igloo or snow fort. Alas all I’ve had this winter for entertainment were some plastic tubs, Amazon shipping boxes, a few homemade forts and of course, the curtains.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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