Cute Dad Alert! Performing Live Music For Preschoolers

Apparently when you are the musician parent of a toddler in preschool, it just goes without saying that you’ll perform for all of the classrooms in said preschool.

It’s just the right thing to do.

One does need to have repertoire of classic children’s hits such as, Skinamarinky-Dinky-Dink‘, ‘The Bare Necessities and Little Cabin In The Woods. (To name but a few.)

You should also probably be a bit of a kid at heart, gregarious, goofy and don’t embarass easily. Also fine with being bombarded by 25 toddlers.

Basically my partner won all the daddy prizes today, and I must admit that my heart went pitter-patter at the sight of these pictures. Yours probably will too.

  • Just An Entertainer… 1 of 9
    Live Music For Preschoolers

    of the kid variety that is. 

  • Big Kid on the Loose 2 of 9
    The ABCs

    With a captivated audience.

  • In a Cabin in the Woods… 3 of 9
    In a Cabin In The Woods

    Classic. See also grown man hopping around a preschool classroom and how it makes my ovaries ache.

  • Animated Bearded Dude 4 of 9
    Singing Song To Preschoolers

    Apparently this is what kids like. And then we grow up. Shame that.

  • My Dad Is Famous Yo 5 of 9
    Toddler Girl Dress Up autographs.

  • Little Rabbit Foo Foo 6 of 9
    Little Rabbit Foo Foo

    Not a dry eye in the audience. That, or they were full on mimicking him as instructed. Pretty sure he was making up his own lyrics here.

  • Mobbed 7 of 9
    Toddler Mob

    "Come check out the guitar kids! Ahhhh, wait, no, no - no smashing. No yanking...gently, gentle."

  • Full Itinerary 8 of 9
    Live Music For Kids

    There's just something about singing songs for little kids. A great way to teach!

  • Aaaaaand SCENE. 9 of 9
    bearded musician

    See you next month kids! Or something. It would seem this might just become a regular thing. As it should.


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