Take Your Toddler to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, TX

perot museum dallas txHeaded to Dallas with the kids anytime soon? If so, have we got a place for you to visit!

Visit the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Since opening in late November of 2012, this new Dallas attraction is receiving rave reviews from both big and little people (and now US!).  This past weekend, we loaded up the kids and headed downtown to experience this much talked about site for ourselves. To say we fell in love would be an understatement. We spent 4 hours exploring each of the multiple levels. Our toddlers ran free, even though it was crazy busy. The bathrooms were clean (YES!), the people were nice and the exhibits OH MY AMAZING!

Your toddler will love this place, and so will you. Here are a few of our adventures at the Perot Museum. We loved it so much, we are now members. I see many trips here over the next year.

  • Outside of the Perot Museum 1 of 16
    Outside of the Perot Museum
    Perot Museum of Nature and Science is located in downtown Dallas at 2201 N. Field Street off of Woodall Rodgers. The architecture is one of a kind, the odd shaped slope on the outside of the building is the escalatlor.
  • Greetings 2 of 16
    In the main lobby, you will be greeted by a dinosaur.
  • Floor Four 3 of 16
    Floor Four
    The "normal" tour starts on the top floor, which is full of dinosaurs!
  • Fun with a Wind Tunnel 4 of 16
    Fun with a Wind Tunnel
    Izaiah adored the wind tunnel exhibit. He played for 15 minutes watching paper fly up the wind tunnel and then falling down.
  • Hands On Activities 5 of 16
    Hands On Activities
    This is a game using playdoh as a remote control.
  • Machines 6 of 16
    Yes, my kid is the kid who knocks down machines that other kids (and his brother) builds.
  • Moody Children’s Museum 7 of 16
    Moody Children's Museum
    The Moody Children's Museum is located on the lower level and is a must if visiting the museum with toddlers.
  • Dallas Farmers Market Exhibit 8 of 16
    Dallas Farmers Market Exhibit
    Located in the Moody Children's Museum - the Dallas Farmers Market exhibit allows kids to interact and play with fake food as if they were working the market.
  • Water Play 9 of 16
    Water Play
    Afraid of your kids getting all wet? Fear not this place has a Dyson hand dryer and aprons for your kids to wear. #smartness
  • Outdoors 10 of 16
    Don't miss the outdoor musical exhibit as you walk into the Perot Museum.
  • Tired! 11 of 16
    We successfully wore out 4 of our 4 children. The ride home was amazingly quiet. Go Perot!
  • Great Dallas Views 12 of 16
    Great Dallas Views
    When you get to the top floor, take in the view of Dallas - it's amazing.
  • Pterodactyl Above 13 of 16
    Pterodactyl Above
    Make sure to check out the Pterodactyl flying above!
  • Floors of Fun 14 of 16
    Floors of Fun
    There are 4 floors, a bottom floor and an additional level to the 4th floor.
  • See Your Veins 15 of 16
    See Your Veins
    As someone who has TERRIBLE veins and spent pregnancy black and blue due to nurses not being able to find a vein, this exhibit gave me hope! Just stick your hand underneath the device and your veins appear.
  • Fantastic Gift Shop 16 of 16
    Fantastic Gift Shop
    The Perot Museum has a fantastic gift shop with all kinds of random oddities. Great shopping for gift giving.

Know Before You Go to Perot Museum

Before you get too excited there are several things you should know before you head to the Perot Museum:


Tickets sale out quick. Order online a few days before you plan to attend. Tickets are sold in 30 minute intervals, so planning is a necessity.


Museum parking is under the bridge, south of Broom Street under Woodall Rodgers. Parking is paid upon exit or at the kiosks in the main lobby. $6 per car or $3 if you are a museum member.

Kid Friendly

The Perot Museum is extremely kid friendly! Feel free to bring a stroller and use the elevators (though you will spend sometime waiting on busy days).


While the museum is a few months old, this place is CRAWLING. If you are bringing kids, it maybe best to choose a non-peak time to go explore (mid-week would be best).

Over the last few years, Dallas has come into it’s own. We now have more than Southfork Ranch and a TV show (p.s. Southfork isn’t even in Dallas – it’s 20ish miles north!). As thirty somethings with a family that includes 2 toddlers, we need family activities. Dallas is becoming that place, and the Perot Museum proves it.

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