Dance Parties … and 4 Other Ways to Make Potty Training a Blast

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When I hear of parents musing about how they “just knew” it was time to take the potty training leap, I smile. I nod my head. But I have no idea what they’re talking about. For us it was an entirely different story.

My son, W, is one of those off-the-charts kids. He was the boy on the playground everyone asked about (twice), “He’s TWO?!” I could never hang around for the banter on growth charts for long as my beautiful child-zilla was climbing the Empire State Building. Or, you know, wanting me to watch him go down the slide again.

My son moved on to training pants simply because he grew too tall for anything else. I know, I know; it’s supposed to be about weight, but you can’t tell me inseam isn’t a factor. When your barely 2-year-old is wearing clothes long enough for a 5-year-old, it’s time to make a transition. Ready or not.

The fantastic thing I immediately discovered about training pants  was how much easier they were to use. If I had known, I would have made the switch much earlier. (So file that nugget away, all you parents of super-tall babies!) There were no tabs to negotiate with in a rush — just pull it up and off you go.

Once we were committed to Pull-Ups® (which I found immediately was the best brand for my tall guy), we decided to get excited about the NEXT step. Oh yes: UNDERPANTS!

Here are five ways to make potty training a blast for your kid …

1. Make Like a Superhero

Oh yes, pull them up right over the pants. My son has always been a fan of superheroes, and all of those characters rocked the undies-over-pants look. Once we had training pants in the house, we were able to do the same thing. It was fun and made us laugh.

2. Give Him Ownership

At 2 years old, my son heard a lot of NO at the grocery store, as in, “No, put that back! No, we are not getting that!” That’s why I let him be in charge of getting the box of training pants off the shelf and putting them in the grocery cart.

This was a huge deal for him. Huge. He was also in charge of taking the box out at the checkout, which gave him a sense of ownership. (Not to mention that he loved carrying a box with kids on the label instead of babies.)

3. Set Musical Reminders

I cannot stand alarms. I have a million of them on my phone to remind me to do all sorts of tasks. The last thing my kid needed was a fog horn blasting every 40 minutes reminding him to go sit on the toilet. So we turned to music.

We had a blast picking songs for his reminders — all of his favorite dance party jams. Every time an alarm would go off, we’d dance our way to the potty.

4. Establish a Bathroom Fun Zone

Look, if I can have a little nook to stash my Real Simple magazines, my son could certainly have a place for some fun picture books to flip through while he was hanging out in there. We even got the same training toilet his school used to keep things consistent. The goal was to make the bathroom stress-free.

5. Go Underpants Shopping

The end game for potty training has two rewards. The big one, of course, being the actual potty training thing. But there is another HUGE thing that happens. Underpants happen. For realsies, big kid, UNDERPANTS!

After a few weeks of potty training, I took my son to the mall just to window shop all of the different options. At the second store we went in, he found a pair of underpants with a construction vehicle theme, and he could not believe such a thing existed. I decided to go ahead and get a pair for him — goal pants, if you will. It was still weeks before he felt ready to wear them, but just knowing they existed was a huge motivator.

I wasn’t in a rush for my son to potty train, and that saved both of us a lot of stress. I’ve heard parents share the age their kid potty trained as if it was an SAT score and that cracks me up. Just as with height, our kids grow and evolve at their own pace.

Starting your potty training journey? Visit the Pull-Ups® Big Kid Academy for tools, activities, and resources to make potty training fun for you and your toddler!

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