Day In The Life Of A Working Mom

It's 8:03am and I am racing up the steps!

Marble floors, paychecks, business suits, teleconferences, lunch dates, adult interaction.

It sounds incredibly glamorous, right?

But there’s also itchy pantyhose, long commutes, stressful workloads, and chores that do not go away simply because I’m in the office.

Being a working mother mother that works outside of the home was not what I dreamed of being growing up – my mother stayed home with our family, as did most of the mothers around us, so I naturally assumed I would stay home once babies were born.  Except there was that pesky mortgage and food to be put on the table, so we found a wonderful nanny for our son and I went back to the office after a 13-week maternity leave.  It has been a hard adjustment, both emotionally and logistically.

But over the past two years we have really found our stride as a family.  With a new job, I am loving life at the office once more and finding fantastic satisfaction in growing my career.  I love taking a peek into the way other’s live and schedule their time, so here is how I juggle it all:

  • 6:15am – Wake up! 1 of 11
    6:15am - Wake up!
    Talk dirty to me, Keurig. Shower, get the boy dressed, get out the door.
  • 6:55am – On the road again 2 of 11
    6:55am - On the road again
    We begin our wicked commute. I drop him off with the nanny at 7:45am and head to the office.
  • 9:00am – Status meeting 3 of 11
    9:00am - Status meeting
    Laptop and notepad on hand, I begin my day with status updates, spreadsheets, and phone calls.
  • 12:30pm – Lunch 4 of 11
    12:30pm - Lunch
    Today I grabbed Chipotle and wrote in a corner of the restaurant. This is the time that I usually run errands, see a doctor or the dentist, or menu plan.
  • 5pm – Quitting time! 5 of 11
    5pm - Quitting time!
    After an afternoon of more work, we head home for an even worse evening commute. We're home by 6:10pm on a good day, 6:45pm on the worst.
  • 6:30pm – Dinner and playtime 6 of 11
    6:30pm - Dinner and playtime
    We have dinner as a family. do puzzles or play with Harrison's trucks.
  • 7:30pm – Bedtime routine 7 of 11
    7:30pm - Bedtime routine
    Shower, jammies, story, prayers, and bed. We love our little routine and Harry picks out the book he wants to read each night.
  • 8pm – Clean up 8 of 11
    8pm - Clean up
    With the house on the market, I spend about 15-30 minutes each night cleaning and doing laundry. It makes mornings and weekends much easier with everything already in it's place!
  • 8:30pm – Blog time 9 of 11
    8:30pm - Blog time
    I answer emails, write posts, edit photos, and chat on Twitter. I try to journal and write throughout the day so that most of my material is written - it's just formatting and adding pictures.
  • 9:30pm – Marriage time 10 of 11
    9:30pm - Marriage time
    We read in bed, chat, watch an episode of One Tree Hill on the iPad, know. ahem.
  • 10:15pm – Bedtime! 11 of 11
    10:15pm - Bedtime!
    I know it's going to be an early morning!

Working mommas, how do you balance it all?  Any tricks or tips I am leaving out?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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