Dear Free Splash Parks – We Love You

Dear Free Splash Parks,

We love you.

As the summer draws to the end, our family — particularly our toddlers would like to give a big huge massive thank you and hug to all of the free splash parks we visited over the last few months.

Are your kids splash pad junkies? While these public water parks are fairly new, they are gaining popularity!

The boys have spent hours running, playing and getting soaking wet for free at the various splash parks we’ve visited. While mom sits back and chats with friends, until one of the toddlers start crying or runs outside of the designated area, these splash pads are simply the best!


  • Water! 1 of 5
    Making friends at the splash fountain!
  • Cups! 2 of 5
    Don't forget cups, these drinking devices also work as great toys.
  • Whoops. 3 of 5
    Zeke having fun until the fountain decided to spray him in the face.
  • Mommy Forgot My Swim Trunks 4 of 5
    Mommy Forgot My Swim Trunks
    Thankfully a nice mom lent us a swim diaper.
  • This Isn’t Toilet Water 5 of 5
    This Isn't Toilet Water
    Obsessed with water! Thankfully this isn't water from the toilet.

A little suggestion for entrepreneurs: someone needs to create a splash park or splash pad locator! 

Thank you free splash parks! We will see you again come Spring!


Izaiah and Zeke (and mom!)

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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