Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Stay close to mama, please. Henry? Henry! HENRY?!

We’ve spent a lot of time at Home Depot this year, mostly because every time we get a spare couple bucks we spend them on a tree or a bush for our yard.

The thing is, every time we go the kids are awful. AW-FUL.

Tantrums, begging to get out of the cart and run around, tipping over stuff, hiding in bushes. If you were shopping at Home Depot at the same time you would roll your eyes, cluck your tongue and whisper about what terrible parents we are even though we are DOING OUR BEST, OKAY?

We usually last twenty minutes or so and it’s around then that I start to see Serge’s shoulders hunching up into his ears, his hands white-knuckling the handle on the shopping cart, and I know it’s time to go.

But the trip to pick out a rug for the kids’ playroom went nothing like our usual trips. First off, we talked it up like nobody’s business.





The bit about it being so much fun was a lie, of course. Because we’ve never had “fun” with the kids while trying to pick out plants or a paint colors, but this trip was actually a good time.

Violet was flipping through the racks of rugs, debating the merit of each rug, and then a hardcore game of hide and seek ensued. In the end I took a bunch of photos of all the rugs we liked so I could compare them with the ones that are available online.  Pretty much the only requirement for Violet and Henry is colorful. I’m interested in something that is durable, hides dirt/stains and can easily be cleaned because the chances that this rug is going to get peed on are very high, know what I’m saying?

Here’s a little recap of our trip that ends with what rug we purchased:

  • Here We go Again 1 of 21
    Here We go Again
    Previous Home Depot visits with two toddlers have left us traumatized.
  • Doesn’t Serge Look Thrilled? 2 of 21
    Doesn't Serge Look Thrilled?
    We have pulled out all the stops, enlisting a Home Depot race car cart to help keep them entertained.
  • And They’re Off 3 of 21
    And They're Off
    Can somebody point us to rugs, please?
  • To The Left You’ll See… 4 of 21
    To The Left You'll See...
    The beautiful display of Home Depot lighting. Ooooh and aaaaah.
  • To The Right You’ll See 5 of 21
    To The Right You'll See
    Some fascinating boards and, uh, pieces of wood and some other stuff.
  • A Tractor 6 of 21
    A Tractor
    I call anything that even slightly resembles machinery-like equipment a tractor and was once embarrassingly corrected by a 2-year-old who told me what we were looking at was actually a backhoe. He was right. Nonetheless, "Look kids, a tractor!"
  • There It Goes 7 of 21
    There It Goes
    Okay, enough fun stuff. Let's get down to business.
  • Decision Time 8 of 21
    Decision Time
    Violet had a hell of a time rifling through the big racks.
  • Which One 9 of 21
    Which One
    I told her to let me know when something caught her fancy, otherwise, I'd just be here behind the camera.
  • Option A 10 of 21
    Option A
    She liked the flowers on this one...
  • Option B 11 of 21
    Option B
    The colors on this were nice and the squares were "cool".
  • Option C 12 of 21
    Option C
    This one looked like a rainbow, which she considers a good thing.
  • Option B 13 of 21
    Option B
    Another exciting possibility.
  • Option C 14 of 21
    Option C
    This one was considered because it was colorful and had squares AND circles. What could be better?
  • Meanwhile… 15 of 21
    He was more interested in what was going on behind the rugs.
  • Henry? 16 of 21
    Poof, he was gone. Eventually losing a shoe, forcing me to crawl back behind rugs to retrieve it.
  • She’s Not Sure 17 of 21
    She's Not Sure
    She couldn't settle on which was her favorite.
  • And Then She Lost Interest 18 of 21
    And Then She Lost Interest
    Five minutes after beginning our search she lost interest.
  • But, Wait! 19 of 21
    But, Wait!
    Instead of the giant rugs costing hundreds of dollars, this little rug for less than twenty bucks captured her fancy.
  • Trying It Out 20 of 21
    Trying It Out
    We unrolled it and the kids played on it for 10 solid minutes, which is like an eternity of peace in Shopping With Toddlers time.
  • Sold! 21 of 21
    So we got the cheap rug which is now in the playroom. But the search for a nicer, more durable permanent rug continues...

A big thanks to Home Depot for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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