12 Ideas for Decorating a Boys and Girls Shared Bedroom

I wrote earlier today about how important I think it is for kids to share a room from a young age, and since moving our kids to a new bedroom a few weeks ago, I’ve been searching for inspiration for decorating a shared boy’s and girl’s room.

Right now both our kids are in toddler beds, but we do have a set of twin beds, which my husband is working on refinishing, that we are thinking of moving them into soon. When we do, we’ll need new bedding, and I’m hoping to make their room coordinate better than it does now, without being too girly or too boyish, but while also trying to give them their own personalized space.

Here are some of my favorite inspirational boys and girls shared bedrooms:

  • Matching Beds, Complimentary Colors 1 of 12
    I love the matching beds in this room, and the use of bright colors that don't necessarily match, but that compliment each other. I also like the idea of the banner over the beds that moves from colors that match the boys comforter, to colors that match the girls.
    Photo Credit: Shelter Pop
  • Painted Headboards 2 of 12
    This is such a cute idea if you don't have matching beds, or don't want to spend the money on them. You can paint matching headboards onto the wall instead. And again, I love the bright colors in this room
    Photo Credit: Parents.com
  • Coordinating Bedspreads 3 of 12
    I love that these bedspreads have the same print, but different colors for brother and sister. And the beds painted in the coordinating color is such a smart way to tie the room together.
    Photo Credit: Annette Tatum
  • Vintage Inspired with Gender Neutral Colors 4 of 12
    This is a shared boys room, but I think it could work for a boy and girl as well with the gender neutral, but bright colors and mismatched bedspreads. I also love the vintage inspired cloud decals and banner.
    Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy
  • Bunk Beds and Lots of Storage 5 of 12
    We have bunk beds that we may set up when our kids are a little older. I love how it frees up so much space for storage. Again, the bright colors make this room perfect for either a boy or a girl.
    Photo Credit: Home Decor Concept
  • Muted Neutral Colors 6 of 12
    I really like how the bed and the crib in this room are the same style, without being the exact same bed. Perfect for an older sibling who shares with a younger baby.
    Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy
  • Split Space 7 of 12
    This room is just awesome with it's use of color, and even a half-wall, to split the room, giving each child their own unique space.
    Photo Credit: du cote de chez vous
  • Unifying Theme 8 of 12
    I love that this room uses a fun theme of The Very Hungry Caterpillar to unify the space, and make things that don't really match, like the bedspreads, look like they belong together.
    Photo Credit: Pottery Barn
  • Simple, But Cute 9 of 12
    This room is not overly decorated, but I love how it just seems to work. Each color is echoed at least two places in the room, making it look put together, even though it's kind of a mishmash of stuff.
    Photo Credit: Emmas Designblogg
  • Awesome Loft Beds 10 of 12
    While I definitely don't think this room is happening anytime soon at our house, aren't the lofted beds awesome?! I love how it gives each child their own personal space.
    Photo Credit: Siam House Design
  • Head to Head 11 of 12
    I really like the way these beds are placed head to head, and am hoping to set up my kids bed in this way. I also love the coordinating patchwork bedspreads.
    Photo Credit: Pottery Barn
  • No Boys/Girls Allowed! 12 of 12
    Again, I love the coordinating, but not matching bedding, with the stripes and polka dots, and the signs above the beds are just too cute!
    Photo Credit: molimo design

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