Dedicated to Any Parent Who has Ever Been Denied the Choice Position of Favorite by a Moody Toddler

“My toddler loves me so much she runs away from her mom.”

Yeah, that’s the snazzy subtitle Cody gave one of his most recent posts.

Only she doesn’t just run away from me, she runs away from me crying, sobbing and screaming “NOOOO! DADDDY!” until she’s buried in his legs. She stays hidden there until all imminent danger of me touching her is gone.

Is it because he lets her have fruit snacks? Is it because he’s a few inches higher off the ground? Is it because she’s so sick of me that the thought of one more moment with me simply sends her over the edge? It’s not always like this, to help explain Vivi’s emotions towards my existence I created this snazzy graph for you:

You see, if Cody is nowhere to be seen, I’m the bees knees, but when Cody’s around? I may as well be kitty litter, I’m completely useless to her.

At first it was kind of cute, but ever since the sobbing, screaming and fleeing began, it has started to hurt my feelings.

I realize she’s just a toddler and it’s totally normal for her to play favorites, but I’ve never been on the shaft end of the deal. Cody was Addie’s favorite for awhile then at some point she switched allegiances and it’s never shifted back. Vivi on the other hand, may as well just call me that ‘lady that hangs around and makes us food so we don’t die or eat pizza every night of the week.’  You’re welcome guys, I’ll just be over here alone if you need something.

Even the cats have favorites and spoiler alert, it isn’t me. When I rescued these two furballs from the Humane Society I had visions of them snuggling up with me during movies and at night. Nope, the tabby goes in with Addie and sleeps on her face while the one eyed cat climbs on top of Cody EVERY SINGLE NIGHT completely ignoring my existence until he needs something or Cody is gone.

It’s beginning to get a little lonely being me, while some would relish in the fact that everyone else likes everyone else better allowing them to remain as uninvolved as possible, I kind of like these mammals I live with, I would appreciate it if they liked me as well.

I keep thinking that “Today! Today is the day I become her favorite! Today is the day she doesn’t run from me in fear!”

And you know what? Today she actually let her dad hand her off to me at bedtime. I rocked that baby like it was the last time I would ever rock her and she fell fast asleep, her sleepy little snuffles blowing in my ear.

Tonight? I won, and I take this victory for any parent who has ever been denied the choice position of favorite by a toddler.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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