Digital Vs. Physical Scrapboooking: Got a Preference?

Is digital taking over?

Scissors that cut zigzags, scissors that scalloped edges, scissors that sliced wavy lines into paper. Stickers of every conceivable kind, packs and packs of stickers shouting captions like CUTE! ADORABLE! PARTY TIME! As many sticks of glue as there were scissors.

Locked and loaded.

It was all ammunition in my childhood best friend’s scrapboooking arsenal. Natalie caught the bug at 12 or 13 and never looked back. She must have as many as twenty scrapbooks by now, filled to overflowing, depicting each era of her life. Seventh grade, eight grade… College, nursing school, this boyfriend, that trip. And they’re all meticulously crafted. Each page an ode to a moment in her life. They’re beautiful and a wonderful thing to have forever. A tangible keepsake ton page through with children, grandchildren and then pass on down through the ages.

I never caught the scrapbooking bug. But in my mid-twenties I caught the photography flu and have taken thousands upon thousands of photographs many of which appear on these Toddler Times pages and the hundreds of entries of my personal blog. But holding a computer just isn’t the same as a photo album. Or is it? And now a simple click of the mouse creates those same beautifully scalloped edges in a multitude of colors, that click accomplishing in seconds what it likely took Natalie several minutes to do.

After fire ravaged most of our treasured personal possessions this past January I was super grateful to have religiously uploaded my photos to Flickr as a back up. They’re all still there, safely floating on the internet. Had I spent two decades meticulously scrapbooking the days of my life I would’ve been devastated because they most certainly would’ve burned in the fire that incinerated our entire attic, where all of our keepsakes were stored. Yet a scrapbook is something you can leave lying around the house for visitors and kids to pick up and peruse, learn and remember. But don’t blogs serve the same purpose these days?

But what about the community of scrapbooking? Sitting next to someone typing on a computer just isn’t quite the same as gathered around a table sharing scissors, glue and other cute bits and bobs.

As you snap photos of your growing toddlers, how do you keep them? On a computer for blog uploading? Do you develop them and physically scrapbook them like my old friend Natalie? Do you feel like physical scrapbooking means more, somehow, than digital scrapbooking or, much like MP3’s replaced CD’s, will digital scrapbooking kick physical scrapbooking to the curb?

A big thanks to Wendy’s for sponsoring this campaign. You can use its new scrapbooking app to create a digital scrapbook you can post to Facebook in a few simple steps. Much better than uploading a slew of photos that takes over your whole feed. If you want to check it out click the link and give it a go. It’s super simple. Click here to see more of the discussion.

Photo Credit: Amy Loid’s Workshop

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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