Designe-D: Disney Artist Series Clothes at Target

Seriously! Dress by Disney!

I have loved Disney for as long as I can remember, I especially love the unique and quirky things about Disney. Characters that go neglected, side plot lines that are passed over for heroes and heroines, and anything classic Disney with the rough pencil sketches and simple animation. I’m not one to dress either of my girls in character clothing, however, Target has this whole new line of clothes for toddlers called the ‘Disney Artist Series’ and I am in love. The pieces that have characters on them have a super hip vintage feel to them and so many of the other pieces that don’t have anything Disney labeling on them aside from the tag. Some pieces are cute enough to pass for expensive designers but top out with a price point of $20.

The pieces have amazing details and a majority of the girl items don’t even involve the color pink! Not a princess or car to be seen here folks, just classic Disney characters with fresh grown-up styling.

  • Topsy Turvy Dress 1 of 15
    Topsy Turvy Dress
    Vivi's second Disney piece from Target is this super cute dress that can be paired with just about anything (leopard print anyone?!) and looks as though it could have come from an overpriced designer.
    Available from Target here, $20
  • Mickey Boxing Ringer Tee 2 of 15
    Mickey Boxing Ringer Tee
    Meant for boys, but I'm half tempted to put Vivi in this one with a fluffy skirt and let her loose in this wild world.
    Available from Target here, $12
  • Alice and the Caterpillar 3/4 Sleeve Tee 3 of 15
    Alice and the Caterpillar 3/4 Sleeve Tee
    Oh! The caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland, what a strange and wonderful creature. Paint him in dreamy watercolors and put him on a tab sleeve T-shirt, and you have Disney perfection.
    Available from Target here, $11
  • Two Piece Long Sleeve Jammies 4 of 15
    Two Piece Long Sleeve Jammies
    While these may be meant for boys, if you've ever met Vivi in the morning, she could rival a grouchy bulldog any day.
    Available from Target here, $14.99
  • Dip Dyed Cleo T-Shirt 5 of 15
    Dip Dyed Cleo T-Shirt
    The cutest fish that's never spoken, Cleo smiles from this dip-dyed tee with lovely simplicity.
    Available from Target here, $13
  • Lost Boys Tee 6 of 15
    Lost Boys Tee
    Built-in hood and long sleeves. And there are EARS ON THE HOOD. I don't want anyone wearing this to grow up either.
    Available from Target here, $15
  • Big Bad Wolf Tee 7 of 15
    Big Bad Wolf Tee
    Ever seen a toddler have a tantrum? There's a lot of huffing, a lot of puffing, and I'm pretty sure there are times they'd like to blow your whole house down.
    Available from Target here, $12
  • Floral Skort 8 of 15
    Floral Skort
    Skort! Meaning no diapers or underpants hanging out. Also, with the neutral color and styling it would go with just about anything. Based of of my extensive knowledge of skirts? This would twirl wonderfully.
    Available from Target here, $17
  • Figaro T-Shirt 9 of 15
    Figaro T-Shirt
    Vivi has this one, not only is Figaro velvety? He's got a little sparkle. Add in the handkerchief hem and a the rear view of Figaro on the back? This is a seriously cute shirt.
    Available from Target here, $15
  • Pluto and Butch Hoodie 10 of 15
    Pluto and Butch Hoodie
    Pluto and Butch go head-to-head (literally!) in this classic pullover style hoodie.
    Available from Target here, $17
  • Polka Dot Skirt 11 of 15
    Polka Dot Skirt
    Stick a layer of tulle under a skirt and I'm a sucker. I love the dark color with unexpected pop of green, totally girly without a smudge of pink.
    Available from Target here, $17
  • Mickey Hoodie 12 of 15
    Mickey Hoodie
    Well, hello everything-simple-and-wonderful-about-the-classic-Mickey style. Ears on the hood, gender neutral AND ADORABLE. The only thing that would make this better? A tail.
    Available from Target here, $15
  • Fancy Rabbit Tee $11 13 of 15
    Fancy Rabbit Tee $11
    I'm generally against sticking tiaras on animals and calling it a shirt, but you guys, this bunny HAS FUZZY FEET.
    Available from Target here, $11
  • Oswald Hoodie 14 of 15
    Oswald Hoodie
    Old school Disney love! Oswald, better known as Mickey's predecessor, adorns this simple hoodie. These days anyone can wear Mickey, it takes a super Disney fanatic to sport Oswald.
    Available from Target here, $17
  • Admiral Jacket 15 of 15
    Admiral Jacket
    AHH! Why doesn't it come in my size! Even better? It's a zipper rather than buttons, so much easier to bundle a ball of energy up with a zipper rather than clunky buttons.
    Available from Target here, $20

Have you seen these clothes in your local Target? What do you think?


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