DIY Busy Bags For Toddlers

I’m all about being easy these days. Twenty minute dinners, quick sewing projects, simple outfits, afternoon delights. (TMI with last one? My bad.) I know I’ve seen different variations of busy bags on Pinterest – I mean, I think I have…I can’t have come up with this idea on my own, right?

A quick jaunt around google will surely render the answer, but I’m not going to do that. I don’t want to see what’s been done before, because everything HAS been done before, right? So, perhaps you heard it here first on Babble. If so, then you’re welcome. Folks, busy bags are the greatest thing since the iPad to keep your toddlers entertained and distracted.

100% guaranteed. I didn’t just make these for some fancy DIY tutorial (fancy it’s not), to publish on the internets, I made them because I’m so done with handing over the iPad or iPhone whenever Wyndham or Abby were bugging out when, say, grocery shopping, or in a Skype meeting with a client for work during the day, or when I’m dog-ass tired and mama just needed/needs a break.

Today, I decided to whip them up because we were headed to Wyndham’s 1st parent/teacher meet-and-greet night, which, what do I know…wasn’t an interview at all. It was a pizza and mad ruckus night. SO MANY KINDERGARTENERS (and siblings). So many. I am indeed on my 2nd beer right now, judge if you must, I missed the start time for yoga – can’t be wholesome everyday. I may even have a 3rd.

Anyhoo, on with these DIY busy bags for toddlers tutorial business. Prepare to be amazed.

UPDATE: Although this post was not published in real time, I decided to leave in the bit about my beer consumption last night. Just keepin’ it real mamas.

  • In The Beginning… 1 of 6

    There were 2 rowdy toddlers who needed to be entertained free of technological devices...

  • Step #1 2 of 6

    Grab a couple of extra-large freezer ziplock bags. You want a strong zipper to hold all of the stuff you're going to put in there! Slap your kid(s) name(s) on them and go forage for some toddler treasures. More on that in the next couple of slides.

  • Material Options #1 3 of 6

    These are the things I chose to put into Abby's bag. Totally random. If you have more time, you could do a theme  (orange or red for fall) or a theme (yep, fall). The key is in variety. Different textures. Use your imagination. The nerd in me had fun putting these together.

  • Yet Even More Options 4 of 6

    This stuff all went into Wyndham's bag, geared more towards his particular interests and stage of development.

  • Bag It 5 of 6

    That's how easy it is. For something so simple, you will garner great results. These were very well received and I have a feeling they will continue to be as I switch them up and really get into themes.

  • It’s a Miracle! 6 of 6

    Or something. Both of these bags fit into my messenger-style purse along with a few other toddler necessities when we're out and about. I love that I'll be reaching for these instead of the iPhone or iPad whenever we're in a predicament of my undivided attention needing to be elsewhere. You will, too! Fist bumps all around for less mom-guilt! Hooray for old-school parenting!



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