DIY Fails: Handmade Toddler Halloween Costumes

Did You Make The Cut?Even I, an avid lover of all that is DIY, can admit when things go horribly wrong. Thankfully, I don’t have many years of Halloween costume making under my belt yet.

I’m sure there will be a few doozey’s to embarrass my kids with come teenagehood.

Until then, I’ll fully take part in having a good chuckle with those of you who concur and actively voicing my personal opinions/concerns…

  • Adorable Children… 1 of 24
    With not much choice in these unfortunate circumstances. Oh, DIY and Handmade...why must you do us so?
  • Fluorescent Lightbulb 2 of 24
    I am continually amazed at the some of the costumes that I see some parents have stuffed their little sweethearts into. This kid is a darling, and sure the idea is imaginative...but those balloons all over his head and body? I don't know a toddler who wouldn't loose his toddler mind once they start to pop. Which WILL happen. Not to mention how movement must be incredibly awkward for the little guy.
    As seen over on Lil' Sugar
  • Three Little Piggies 3 of 24
    Just, no. Someone give me a shake if I ever get this carried away with my kids' DIY Halloween costumes.
    See more over on Awkward Family Photos
  • Homeless Baby 4 of 24
    Not right. All political correctness aside, there is nothing funny or cute about being homeless or mocking the homeless. The things we teach our children. Ugh.
    Learn more over on The World's Best Ever
  • Gang of Clowns 5 of 24
    All adorableness aside, clowns freak me the eff out.
    See more over on Awkward Family Photos
  • Cookie Monster… 6 of 24
    Does most certainly not approve. I myself am a serious fan of the tutu, but it can and continues to be way overdone. How does this gorgeous child hold her head up with a giant plush attached to it?
    Someone bought this over on Etsy
  • Honey Boo Boo 7 of 24
    Yikes! Moms dressing up with their toddlers like this for Halloween. It's happening people. Is the world coming to an end or something? Quite possibly the scariest costume around.
    As seen over on Daily Dot
  • Grocery Box Something or Other 8 of 24
    Quick and easy, check. Adorable little dude, double check. GMO ridden box of Go Lean Crunch displayed as healthy food with the rest of it? False advertising.
    As seen on Lil Sugar
  • Baby Alive 9 of 24
    Not so sure about the safety factor on this one. Funny(ish?) But worrisome.
    See more over on Awkward Family Photos
  • Hannibal Lector 10 of 24
    How could this child possibly be down with wearing this costume? I'm at a loss here.
    Learn more over on Awesome Galore
  • Bethany Hamilton & Co. 11 of 24
    The state of the world isn't such a curious thing when you see what some parents think is funny.
    As seen over on the awesome that is Regretsy
  • Scarecrows WILL Moon Your Child 12 of 24
    Little Bo Beep does not like.
    More awesome from Regretsy
  • Toddler Boy Wrestling Singlet 13 of 24
    What the??? Really? I'm just confused.
    And to think it's still available over on Etsy!
  • Highly Inventive… 14 of 24
    In that incredibly embarrassing way. A three headed monster and giraffe pal. Poor, poor children.
    Submitted by Kate B. over on Awkward Family Photos
  • Chiquita Banana 15 of 24
    Fueling racial stereotypes and overly sexy costumes for little girls? Two things that tire and hurt my brain.
    Sadly, it's too late to purchase this racist brand mascot from Etsy
  • Sad Cluck Cluck 16 of 24
    Not a happy rooster. Probably because he can't move and because he's wearing rubber gloves on his feet.
    See more over on Regretsy
  • Mrs. Potato Head & Clan 17 of 24
    So, we're all in agreement here with this one right? Scandalous in a do not repeat sort of way.
    Learn more over on Awkward Family Photos
  • Smokes & Booze 18 of 24
    Nope. Not okay. So classy.
    Spotted on Huffington Post
  • Black Kitty 19 of 24
    Blaaaahhhhh. How about we start teaching our girls that there are other things they can dress up for Halloween other than the messed up mainstream ideas of 'sexy'?!
    You can find this NOT precious, NOT adorable costume over on Etsy
  • Lala Loopsy Inspired 20 of 24
    Precious little girl. Sew darling, sew cute costume? Not sew sure. What do you think?
    Available for a WHOPPING $145 bucks over on Etsy
  • Sassy Spider 21 of 24
    Why is it so trendy to dress up our little girls beyond their years? I'm far from a prude but a corset? A bit much no? If that doesn't do you on, perhaps the $85 dollar price-tag will.
    Unfortunately available on Etsy
  • Attack of The Teletubbies 22 of 24
    Say it ain't so. I can't handle these, not one bit.
    Unfortunately available on Etsy
  • Rock & Roll? 23 of 24
    No. Just no. If we keep dressing our little toddler girls in these 'oh-so-adorable' costumes, they will continue to want to wear fishnets and corsets as they become girls and teenagers. Personally, I think that is hugely problematic on so many different levels.
    Available for the the low price of $105.00 over on Etsy
  • Not a Costume 24 of 24
    Dressing up our little girls as 'Pochoahotties' and our little guys as 'Cool Warriors' only continues to perpetuate the negative stereotypes of Native peoples. Such a notion may make you feel awkward, or annoy you - especially if you are the one smearing 'war paint' on your kids cheeks, or talking about how magical donning a headdress is; because you say you didn't realize you were hurting anyone from your place of privilege, or that you are just trying to celebrate in our culture. I've got to say, I'm less concerned with hurting your feelings, if that's you - then I am with educating our children.
    DIY Boy Costume: Photo Credit
    DIY Girl Costume: Photo Credit

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