DIY: Simple Fall-Themed Toddler Sensory Tub

Fall is such a great time to focus on sensory learning with our toddlers.

There are yummy treats (pumpkin pie, anyone?), the beautiful colors of nature, and the smell of autumn in the air.

Why not create a simple fall-themed sensory tub for your toddler to explore? Here’s how!

  • The Basics 1 of 5
    The Basics
    I love thinking of fun new activities to keep my kiddos busy AND learning, and this easy sensory tub is a great one. Not only does it enhance sensory learning, it also helps build those fine motor skills which will pay off later when they begin writing.
  • Supplies You’ll Need 2 of 5
    Supplies You'll Need
    I decided to use shelled corn as the foundation material for this sensory tub. Why? Because it's environmentally friendly, inexpensive and a great learning tool. Of course, you could also use sand, rice, beans...the possibilities are endless.
  • Prepare the Corn 3 of 5
    Prepare the Corn
    Shelled corn can be very dirty, so rinse it thoroughly. Then place in whatever tub you decide on (I went with this galvanized feed bucket so my kids would really have to dig!).
  • Gather Up Fall Items 4 of 5
    Gather Up Fall Items
    Next you'll place your fall items in the bucket. I used some decorative leaves, a plastic acorn, a pine cone, and other decorative items that I had on hand. This is a great activity and is completely adaptable to different themes and materials.
  • It’s a Hit! 5 of 5
    It's a Hit!
    My daughter played with her sensory tub off and on all afternoon. We'll definitely be doing this again!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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