DIY Splash Pad For Toddlers: 7 Genius Hacks

Last weekend I decided to switch things up a bit and go to our local splash pad instead of the beach. Which isn’t really a big switch since nearly every park in the cottage-style town we live in is on the beach anyways. So. Beach and splash pad.

Which totally sucked.

Especially when all I had to compare it to was a different splash pad we’ve frequented a little farther out of the way. Like a 40 minute drive out-of-the-way. Compared to a 20 minute walk or a 3 minute drive. Since I was on my own with the kids I decided to make things easier on myself—which didn’t end up being the case at all. Said splash pad was a safety nightmare. Not the spongy-floored goodness I was accustomed to. Very boring design. No sprinklers, just water spouting up from the ground. Nothing interactive. I understand that many splash pads are all cement like this one, but the cement boulders all over the place that are supposed to be meant for climbing?

Um no. The circular stairs surrounding one part of the area, in direct contact with the constant flow of water? Slippery as hell. Obviously kids are going to want to climb those stairs and those boulders. I watched as nearly every parent of a toddler, along with myself, stood/chased their little ones on pins and needles while they tried to catch or prevent a slip and fall.

Suffice to say I’m not going back to that one, no matter how close it is. We’ll stick to the beach and make a few special visits to the much more safe, much more fun one that’s way worth the drive.

Thus concludes why I’ve been looking up ways to make a few easy sprinklers and splash pad type contraptions to use in our backyard. Because it’s ridiculously hot and humid out these days. While we do have AC, it’s hard to keep the kids inside when all they want to do is go outside and play. I’ve discovered that PVC pipe and pool noodles to be a glorious thing. I might not be making anything as grandiose as a couple of these brilliant DIY projects, but you bet I’m going to put a pop bottle rain shower into action.

What’s that all about you say? Tell you more? Click on to see…

  • Pop Bottles, PVC Pipe & Pool Noodles Oh My! 1 of 8

    Summer? Won. Beat the heat with any one of these brilliant splash-pad type sprinkler DIYs!

  • Pop Bottle Shower Sprinkler 2 of 8

    This would be the simple project I was telling you about.
    Learn more via Yahoo Voices

  • DIY PVC Splash Pad 3 of 8

    This displays but a small quotient of the awesomness at hand here.
    Learn more via Kreations Done By Hand

  • PVC Ground Sprinkler 4 of 8

    If you're not into tackling the huge PVC sprinkler project as depicted in the previous slide —this one is your ticket.
    Learn more via HomeSpun Threads

  • Pop Bottle Ground Sprinkler 5 of 8
  • Kiddie "Car Wash" 6 of 8

    Love this! Especially putting in the driveway so that little ones can ride their trikes and other push toys through it.
    Learn more via Mom Endeavors

  • DIY Slip ‘n’ Slide 7 of 8

    Perhaps not for the younger/smaller toddlers or this many big kids around to smash into the littles, but my two on their own would rock this!
    Learn more via Diary of a Preppy Mom

  • The Ultimate Splash Pad 8 of 8

    I saved the best for last. Clearly.
    Learn more via Even Horizons

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