Do You Tell Stories Of Your Childhood To Your Preschooler?

naomi odes aytur
The author at age 3

As my 3 year-old gets closer to 4, I’m noticing big leaps in his cognitive development, especially in regards to the stories he processes. He really enjoys both the books I read to him at night, and the made-up tales I tell. We still do a lot of relaxation visualizations at bedtime, but sometimes he asks me to tell him something about when I was little like him.

There is something really profound about sharing your childhood with your own child. I think I have waited for this moment since I knew I wanted children, or at least I always imagined what it would be like.

Telling him about my past will connect him to his roots. I know the stories my parents told me really shape who they are to me and who they were as children. It’s hard to imagine a 3-year-old having a clear understanding of his parent as a small child. His sense of time is still very confused. When I talk about times in the past, he wants to know where he was (before he was born).

But telling stories about my past is also nice for me. I can reconnect with my own childhood. As he asks me specific questions, I’m forced to dig deep into my memory, and lots of interesting details resurface. He asked what my room was like as a child. What color it was, what color was my house, etc.

Now,every night he asks for stories about the brick and yellow house with the black shutters. I’m loving reliving these moments with him. It will be interesting to see how much he remembers.

What about you? Have you started sharing moments of your past with your preschooler?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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