Does Your Toddler Have a Killer Glare?

Last year, I held a contest on Mommy Shorts called “The Evil Baby Glare-Off”.

Basically, parents submitted photos of their kids (0-5 years old) making their meanest looking glares and then I pitted them against each other tournament style. (See two of last year’s contenders at left.)

Who moved on to the next round was determined by reader vote.

The contest was such a success, I am doing it again this year on the week of October 15th.

There are already 240 kids submitted to the glare-off which is going to make my job of narrowing them down to the top 32 for the tournament, quite a harrowing task.

Nevertheless, I am still accepting submissions right up until the contest date. Just post a photo on the wall of the Mommy Shorts Facebook fanpage with your kid’s first name and he/she will be in the running.

Here are ten of my favorite contenders so far…

  • Zoe 1 of 10
    Props to Zoe's mom for putting up with that snarl.
  • Kadence 2 of 10
    Don't give Kadence water when she clearly needs coffee.
  • Daxdan 3 of 10
    Maybe someone just messed with America?
  • Luxley 4 of 10
    I wouldn't want to get on this baby's bad side.
  • Lil D 5 of 10
    Lil D
    Lil D seems like the obvious win, but last year the front runner was kicked out in the second round, so anything can happen.
  • Dior 6 of 10
    Cookie Monster might be cross-eyed, but Dior knows exactly who he is looking at.
  • Benjamin 7 of 10
    Benjamin's got an evil look that says— don't even think about saying it's bedtime.
  • Ronnie 8 of 10
    A bow tie can only do so much to save a school picture, if your child wants to kill the photographer.
  • Eamon 9 of 10
    What part of "BRING ME MY MILK" did you not understand??!!
  • Bee 10 of 10
    Do you hear that sound coming out of Bee's mouth? Nope? That's because it's for dogs' ears only.

Submit your kids’ photos here if you’d like to participate and prizes will be announced next week!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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