Does Your Toddler Have a Security Blanket?

Ben aka Linus

Part Pigpen and part Linus… this is my two year old. He is obsessed with his blankies… two fleece blankets that he has had since he was born.

He likes to drag it around the backyard while playing, he needs it to sleep, wants to take it on car rides… oh and he chews on it too… I mean, what isn’t tasty about a raggedy old fleece blanket that is only washed once a month right?   Ick!

But it seems like the more parents I talk to, the more I realize I am not the only one who has a toddler attached to something like these blankets.

I am really starting to debate whether it is a positive or another pacifier type break up that I am going to have to weather when it is no longer socially acceptable for him to drag around this ratty piece of fleece comfort.

I know it is probably a good thing when it comes to security, but I am 26 years old and still have my own teddy bear Teddy Freddy which I sleep with nightly.

Go ahead!  Laugh!  I know I am not the only one out there who still has my  lovie from when I was a kid.  Teddy has been with me out of the country, to give birth in the hospital, through kidney stone surgery a couple times, and even caused a security breech when I traveled to Mexico when I was four.  No joke… I was that kid with the teddy bear screaming as they wrestled my bear away from me to x-ray. I am sure my parents enjoyed that!

Is it a normal part of childhood?  Or is my little guy just overly attached?  I mean, of course if he needs to and he is tired enough we can go without it, but there are nights I thank my lucky stars that it exists just because it makes bedtime far less painful for everyone in the whole house.

I put out some tweets, and requests for my followers to share pictures of their little ones with their favorite lovie, and I got some of the cutest replies people wanted to share!

  • Kambria and Snuggle Bunnie 1 of 6
    Kambria and Snuggle Bunnie
    This is Kami and her Snuggle Bunnie. She is my best friend's daughter, and takes that little guy everywhere!
  • Submitted on Twitter 2 of 6
    Submitted on Twitter
    @LaceyVW submitted this picture of her daughter and her blankie on twitter!
  • Itty Bitty Baby 3 of 6
    Itty Bitty Baby
    One of my fav twitter followers submitted this photo but asked to remain nameless. Her kiddo's lovie is called Itty Bitty Baby, and goes everywhere with them!
  • The Orangutan 4 of 6
    The Orangutan
    @vuisme submitted this picture of her 5 year old and his favorite stuffed orangutan.
  • Jameson & His Baby 5 of 6
    Jameson & His Baby
    Twitter follower Dana e-mailed me this photo of her son Jameson with his doll. Dana says "Baby lost his clothes at some point and Jamesons big brother put the chain around it's neck. Jameson HAS to have Baby in the car and for nite nite. He hangs Baby from his headboard at night"
  • M and his Sheeshy Blanky 6 of 6
    M and his Sheeshy Blanky
    Maya "@MarfMom" says My son M loves "sheeshy blanky" and it goes pretty much everywhere with"

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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