Does Your Toddler Love Or Hate The Bath?

All is calm and happy in the bath.

Do you ever have days like this?

Nothing is going right. Your toddler is sick, and no matter what you do with him he’s just miserable. His nap is short or nonexistant because he can’t really breathe. He is cranky and tired and doesn’t want to sit still, but doesn’t really want to play, either.

What he really wants is: “Mama, Mama. Mama.”  All day long.

You feel terrible for him, and you want him to feel better, but he’s also driving you INSANE.

That hideous witching hour comes about and you keep looking at your watch thinking “When can I put him in the bath?” 

Finally you feel like it’s close enough that you can legitmately start to get him ready for bed (umm… is 5:00 legit?). You run his bath, plop him in, and…PRESTO. He’s like a different kid.  For this 10-15 minute period, all is right in his world.

There he is, playing quietly and happily with all his bath toys. He’s not crying. In fact, he’s smiling and laughing. It’s baffling, actually. How is this possible? He’s been a crabby pain all day long and now he’s a super sweet angel.You know that California Baby Calming Bath? Yeah.  I’m keeping my $14. All we need is warm water and toys, baby!

I know other parents who say their toddlers hate the bath, so I don’t know what I’d do in this scenario, but I’m really glad my little dude likes the bath on days like today.

Is your toddler a bath lover or a bath hater? Have you had days like this?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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