Don’t Call Me Cute!

My son has been saying and doing some of the cutest things lately. The kind of things that I want to make sure I write down and remember because they are just so sweet and funny.

He turns three later this month, and I can’t believe how fast he is growing up. I still look at him as my baby, but he’s so not a baby anymore, and he lets me know this on a regular basis.

His latest thing is that he doesn’t want to be called cute, and will correct me, my husband, or anyone else that happens to call him cute, at any time.

He says, “Don’t call me cute! I’m NOT cute! I’m a big boy!”  And it’s so funny because it’s so… well, cute!

One of the things that he does that I think is so cute is that he sticks his little tongue out whenever he is working hard, or concentrating on something. His dad does it too, and I love that he takes after his daddy in that way.

I’ve collected some pictures from over the past year of Bren and his cute little tongue sticking out. Just don’t tell him I called him cute!

  • Cherry Picking 1 of 12
    Cherry Picking
    Being a stinker while cherry picking last summer.
  • Concentrating on Cutting 2 of 12
    Concentrating on Cutting
    Practicing his cutting takes lots and lots of concentration!
  • Hard Work 3 of 12
    Hard Work
    He's working hard on fixing his sister's bike.
  • Making a Mess! 4 of 12
    Making a Mess!
    Mixing and making a mess is serious business, of course.
  • Playing the iPad 5 of 12
    Playing the iPad
    Total concentration is required while playing "Mad Birds".
  • Play Dough 6 of 12
    Play Dough
    Cutting play dough is hard work!
  • Yum! 7 of 12
    Well, you have to use your tongue when you're eating!
  • Mr. Baker Man 8 of 12
    Mr. Baker Man
    Helping mommy in the kitchen is a very important task.
  • Tools 9 of 12
    Working with his tools keeps him busy.
  • Sorting and Pouring 10 of 12
    Sorting and Pouring
    The only right way to sort and pour and pour beans is to use your tongue!
  • Just Playing Around 11 of 12
    Just Playing Around
    Even playing and hanging out brings it out.
  • Building 12 of 12
    Building blocks is hard work that requires total concentration!

But seriously, is he cute or what!? Ok, I know I’m a little bit biased!

Does your toddler have a super cute unconscious habit?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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