Dressing Up Dutch and Toddling Through the Tulips

Earlier this week I wrote about our most recent visit to Holland, Mich., during their annual Tulip Time celebration. This is no post about travel however, this is a post about letting a toddler loose in a field of thousands of tulips dressed in full Dutch costume, including hand-painted wooden shoes. We all thought that tulips didn’t have a scent, that is until Vivi took to smelling every single one and declaring they were either “WHEW! STINKY!” or “MMM! PRETTY!” Turns out that some tulips do in fact have a floral scent, but it also turns out Vivi can’t really tell the difference between ones that are supposed to smell and ones that aren’t.


Dressed in a traditional Dutch costume borrowed from a friend complete with three pairs of black socks and little wooden shoes, we let Vivi loose at Veldheer’s Tulip Farm for a delightful tiptoe (and some stomping, because toddler) through the tulips.

Vivi isn’t much of a girly-girl, yet when she is in costume she completely immerses herself in the character. This one, little Dutch girl in the tulips, was one of her best roles to date.

the dress

I wanted a photo of the girls together, sadly Vivi was unaware of how big and hard her shoes were and stepped on Addie’s foot almost immediately.

Stepping Toes

Did you ever see that episode of Modern Family where Jay buys Lily a pair of princess heels to slow her down in Disneyland? That was Vivi and the wooden shoes. Need to slow a toddler down? Put them in three pairs of socks and big Dutch shoes.

Playing Catch Up

And now for my favorite of the series, Vivi head bumping, sniffing, smiling at, and smelling as many tulips as possible. She loved to rest her cheek against the really big ones; can’t really blame her, they are really soft.

Tulip Three

Tulip Two

Tulip One

Toward the end Vivi started to get a little restless and demanded to be carried, however it’s hard to carry a toddler in muddy wooden shoes. So rather than soldiering on, she went limp in Cody’s arms. DUTCH GIRL DOWN.


During a tulip bench break, Vivi let her shoes slide off. Can you see how happy she is to have them put back on her feet? Suddenly the toddler that was SO! HAPPY! running through the tulips has turned into a moody little beasty.

helping with the shoes

No outing with a toddler would be complete without the final sulking and pouting photo of the day. Sulk away little Dutch girl, sulk away.

Moody Vivi

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