Easter on The Rez

7 + hours road-tripping (one way), with 2 toddlers. Easter and spring celebrations with good friends. About 20 of them.

In one house. For 5 days.

Sound crazy? It was.

It was also beautifully warm (souls not weather!), electric and alive.

Over the Easter weekend and into the week we went to my friend’s home-reserve, Winneway. Otherwise known as Long Point First Nation Reserve in Northern Quebec.

Spending time on Reserve is a vital part of my children’s upbringing. I want them to be well-educated about our Anishinaabe Nations and traditional ways of life.

It was an epic sleepover of sorts with built in play-dates, bannock, chocolate, blessed ceremony and food, music and of course… all sorts of rowdy >>>

  • A Mini Vacation (Of Sorts) 1 of 16
    A Mini Vacation (Of Sorts)
    The kind of spring-break wherein the snow is still blowing cold, and no one is exactly rested - but our hearts and tummies are definitely full to brimming.
  • Prep Day 2 of 16
    Prep Day
    In my three years plus of many a road-trip with little ones I've learned a few things. Being organized is of the utmost priority. This time we won all the packing prizes, with enough time to spare. Which meant we had a lovely morning at the park the morning of our departure, instead of running around half-crazed and highly stressed.
  • Easter Outfit 3 of 16
    Easter Outfit
    The minute I showed Abby her lovely new dress from Wild Things Dresses, she wanted to wear it, so I obliged. I think little girl's should be able to wear special dresses any 'ole day they desire.
  • Several Rounds of Egg Dying 4 of 16
    Several Rounds of Egg Dying
    We had about 8 dozen eggs that we dyed and they all got hunted down and eaten. Borderline ridiculous, I know.
  • House of Flowers 5 of 16
    House of Flowers
    Simple, fresh and lovely luxuries.
  • Baby Love 6 of 16
    Baby Love
    Abby was in her glory in the company of a little baby to play with all week!
  • Community School Project 7 of 16
    Community School Project
    Part of our trip was for the specific purpose of my partner's band facilitating music workshops with the little ones and the youth spanning over a few days.
  • Adventures in Skidooing & Ice-Fishing 8 of 16
    Adventures in Skidooing & Ice-Fishing
    We embraced the extended winter weather many an afternoon.
  • Making Bannock 9 of 16
    Making Bannock
    A traditional flat quick bread that is simple enough for little toddler hands to assist with in making. The perfect accompaniment to split pea and ham soup with Easter ham leftovers!
  • Cradle Board Adorableness 10 of 16
    Cradle Board Adorableness
    Cradle-boards are traditional swaddle-type carriers still used by many Indigenous cultures today.
  • Easter Bunny Havoc 11 of 16
    Easter Bunny Havoc
    Oh. My. Word. Controlling their sugar-intake was next to impossible with so many doting aunties and uncles around who had brought and hidden treats out of love.
  • Cutes Bunny Ever. 12 of 16
    Cutes Bunny Ever.
    I mean, right?
  • Sleeping Arrangements 13 of 16
    Sleeping Arrangements
    There are no chalets on rez. And who would want that anyways? The whole point is to embrace the chaos - it happens but once a year. Bedrooms were packed with air-mattresses and camping bunk-beds (had no idea those even existed!) The first night was a bit rough with the little ones, settling into a new and busy environment - but after that, they seemed to embrace the chaos the best of all!
  • Lots of Love 14 of 16
    Lots of Love
    Abby and Wyndham had lots of special one-on-one time with their sponsors and close family friends. They revelled in every minute of it.
  • Yogurt Face 15 of 16
    Yogurt Face
    This one LOVES her some yogurt. She can eat through 2 containers, plus whatever else is a part of the breakfast spread. Girl must be going through a growth-spurt.
  • Pool Shark in Training 16 of 16
    Pool Shark in Training
    Also related? Built-in-babysitters.


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