Easy and Non-Toxic Sticker Remover

My kids love stickers. I think most younger children do. And it can keep them busy and occupied for a long stretch of time, which is great when I need some time to get stuff done.

The problem is that when they play with stickers, as much as I remind them that they only belong in the sticker book or on the paper, stickers inevitably end up in places where they don’t belong; on the windows, coffee table, floor, wall, and anywhere else that seems like a good place for a sticker to a kid.

And let’s be honest, usually stickers don’t just pull right off nice and easy, without leaving either half the sticker, or some kind of sticky residue behind.

Fortunately, I’ve found a simple, easy, and non-toxic way to remove those stubborn stickers and residue, with just a wipe of a cloth.

The secret: citrus essential oil.

Just put enough drops of any citrus essential oil — lemon, sweet orange, even grapefruit — to moisten a cloth and wipe away the stickiness from whatever surface your kiddo decided to put a sticker on.

Stickers: Before
Stickers: After - I removed two stickers from the bottom middle

Seriously, it works almost like magic, it just rubs right off.  This is also great for removing sticky labels from glass jars, and any other sticky residue you may have around your house.

And it’s completely natural and safe to use around your kiddos, without any harmful chemicals or fumes. In fact, it actually smells really good!

Okay, I’m off to tackle the rest of those sticky stickers!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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