Easy & Cozy Fall DIY Projects For The Mamas

Now that I finally have gotten used to the fact that Fall is here, I’m fully on board. Fall cooking and fall fashion ahoy! Cozy knits, flowing layers, big leather boots; mine, all mine.

Every season I take some time to research a few new projects I’d like to do for the kiddies and myself. I don’t always get to every one of them and simplicity is KEY. I’m no Martha Stewart, no matter what you naysayers might think.

I’m sharing my collection of projects for this Fall, as I’ve gleaned that perhaps I am not the only mama who loves them some DIY projects. I specifically get a kick out of upcycling. Or repurposed projects if you will. For the converted…enjoy.

For the eye rollers…c’mon, take a peek. These projects are pretty dang cool. I’ll convert you all yet. (So she said, while laughing maniacally in her upcycled cowl, typing in her fingerless gloves made of upcycled sweaters). Your early mornings and evenings at the park will be deliciously warmer and enjoyable if you make even just one of these projects come true!

  • Wrap Turned Scarf 1 of 7
    Wrap Turned Scarf
    I've always been a fan of shawl-like sweaters and wraps. I really dig the light, bamboo ones that you can layer with other clothing and wear in a myriad of different ways. TIP: purchase a few yards of bamboo jersey (SO cheap), perhaps even in a couple of different colours and you are but a few snips away from this sexy shawl business. Also? You could make a fringed scarf without much thought and a pair of scissors with the scraps. (Or buy a bit extra).
    Free tutorial over on Behind The Seams
  • The Re-Purposed Sock 2 of 7
    The Re-Purposed Sock
    I know I'm not alone in my love for cozy socks. I may a have slight problem in collecting them for Fall and Winter. It's just that, truly - they make life infinitely better. There's just something about pulling them on in the morning that makes waking up at an evil hour more acceptable. I'm a nerd, it's true - but still. Of this, I know I am not alone. Solace for the cozy sock loving nerds.
    Tutorial via Not Dabbling In Normal
  • Felted Laptop Bag 3 of 7
    Felted Laptop Bag
    Genius. Immediately, upon discovery of this project I was smitten. I totally didn't judge the use of a Toshiba laptop being used for the sewing guide and knew in my heart of hearts that I could do the very same with my beloved Mac. Slightly more complicated, given it's lined and what with that delicious ruffle...but oh, so worth it.
    Step-by-step instructions via The Inadvertent Farmer
  • Upcycled Sweater Boots 4 of 7
    Upcycled Sweater Boots
    Can I just say something straight up? I'm not a fan of the embroidered action. Some thin wrap around ties (using long thin strips of the felted sweater scraps). I could get behind that. The rest of this DIY is the bomb diggs.
    Get the free tutorial via Instructables
  • Fingerless Gloves 5 of 7
    Fingerless Gloves
    Perfect, perfect, perfect. The answer to chilly early evenings and morning when I (or you), still want to take pictures of my ridiculously cute little ones, (and Instagram them yes, who are we kidding), or to text with the mister or my bestie about dinner, wipe noses, tie and zip up all things toddler. Effortlessly.
    The easy tutorial can be found over on Whole Living
  • Coffee/Tea Cozy 6 of 7
    Coffee/Tea  Cozy
    I've been a DIY coffee cozy maker for a while now. For myself, as Christmas gifts or as a gift for some of my tea and coffee drinking neighbours come Fall. Accompanied by some pumkin banana bread or cookies of course. Don't go thinking I'm that sweet or friendly, I only make these kinds of gestures very occasionally when I feel like being more human. Or when I actually have time. (The two are often related).
    Find the instructions on Every Nothing Wonderful
  • Upcycled Scarfette 7 of 7
    Upcycled Scarfette
    This project is so easy, even you could do it. Yes, you who shakes their head and chuckles at us DIY'ers. You could dish out some major coin for something like this at the mall or from a boutique, or you could take 20 minutes, find a soft old sweater and whip one up for yourself. Delicious.
    Tutorial via I Am Momma Hear Me Roar

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