Eat Your Heart Out, June Cleaver!

Mad Baking Skillz, Yo!

My association with baked goods has mainly consisted of late night binges on cookie dough after bad break-ups.  There is nothing so fortifying as mainlining a tube of cookie dough while watching crappy reality TV and crying over the one that got away.  I highly recommend it.

My palm went directly to my forehead as I realized that I have yet to bake anything with my favorite girl in the world.  Huge mothering oversight!  Okay, so yeah, I whipped up some Rice Krispie Treats on Halloween, but Violet overdosed on marshmallows and ended up eliminating the contents of her wee stomach on our couch.  Although eating treats until you puke is a success by anyone’s Halloween standards, it wasn’t exactly a top mothering moment of mine.  And making Rice Krispie Treats isn’t exactly baking, either.

We hit the grocery store, my best gal and I, in search of exactly what we’d make.  You wouldn’t believe the options!  Cookies, cakes, pies,  (they have ready-made pie dough) biscuits, croissants.  The options were so overwhelming my eyes began to cross and Violet began to fidget and then I saw it!

They’re called Peanut Butter Fudgy Bars and I was sold from the words peanut butter.  Fudgy?  Why, that’s a stone cold bonus!  I think we can all agree peanut butter and chocolate are like Abbott and Costello, Bert and Ernie, me and cookie dough.  You get my point.

YOU CANNOT GO WRONG WITH PEANUT BUTTER AND CHOCOLATE.  Remember that.  It’s right up there with never go to bed angry and never eat yellow snow.

So I bought the following (I had an egg at home) and Violet and I got our bake on like you wouldn’t believe:

One box of yellow cake mix

One canister of chocolate fudge frosting

One small jar of crunchy peanut butter.

One small canister of peanuts.  (You know the ones… With the peanut sporting a top hat, monocle and cane, as all good peanuts should.)

One bag of mini Reece’s Pieces or M&M’s

I plopped Violet in her high chair, assembled the ingredients and enlisted Serge to photograph whatever was about to take place.  It was a family affair.  I’ve got to say, it’s a shame I don’t do this kind of thing more often because these are the things that little kids remember.  Stirring the cake mix, licking the bowl, frosting…  Come on!  That’s the stuff childhood is made of, right?

Anyway, enjoy our little family moment straight out of a sitcom from the fifties or sixties. Also, if you make it all the way to the end of the slideshow there’s a little surprise for you.  Eat your heart out June Cleaver!

  • Can’t You Just Smell The Wholesomeness? 1 of 20
    Can't You Just Smell The Wholesomeness?
    So you just mix in a cup of peanut butter with the cake mix, water and egg. We bake together like this four or five times a week, I swear!
  • Mmmmm… Peanut Butter 2 of 20
    Mmmmm... Peanut Butter
    What? Do you know how good peanut butter combined with cake mix is? Personally, I'd rather eat the entire bowl of dough and I probably would've if Serge hadn't been there documenting the whole thing on camera.
  • Push It Real Good 3 of 20
    Push It Real Good
    Now you just pat the dough in a greased or sprayed rectangle cake pan. Kids really dig this part. Also, if you can, distract them and eat more dough. It really makes the whole process a lot more enjoyable.
  • It’s Getting Hot In Here 4 of 20
    It's Getting Hot In Here
    Throw that bad boy in the oven (350 degrees) for 20 to 25 minutes.
  • The Next Step… 5 of 20
    The Next Step...
    Lick the bowl, of course. But don't give any dough to your kid because raw eggs have Salmonella. Yeah, that's it. Salmonella. That's why you need to eat all the doughy remnants yourself! YOU ARE SAVING LIVES HERE. A mother's work is never done.
  • Mixing It Up 6 of 20
    Mixing It Up
    Just when you thought you couldn't handle any more peanut butter... TA DA! Put a half cup in with the canister of frosting and get to mixing. Listen carefully - taste testing is key here. It's extremely important to constantly taste test so you get the ratio of chocolate to peanut butter juuust right. The more you taste test the better.
  • Spreading It On Thick 7 of 20
    Spreading It On Thick
    Wait until the baking pan is completely cool and then spread the frosting across the top.
  • Cue The Choir 8 of 20
    Cue The Choir
    Do you see what we made?!
  • Come Closer! 9 of 20
    Come Closer!
    Behold! Our Peanut Butter Fudgy Bars!
  • Oh My! 10 of 20
    Oh My!
    They're looking great!
  • CHOCOLATE! 11 of 20
    If your child does not react in such a manner you have failed at baking. And motherhood.
  • Taste Test 12 of 20
    Taste Test
    Waiting for the official verdict...
  • Bee-Yoo-Tee-Full Bars 13 of 20
    Bee-Yoo-Tee-Full Bars
    The candies aren't just delicious, they are also pleasing to the eye.
  • Reaction After First Bite 14 of 20
    Reaction After First Bite
    I think that means she likes them. She really, really likes them.
  • This Is Serious Business 15 of 20
    This Is Serious Business
    Y'all? She nearly took off a finger and only settled down when I let her lick all the chocolate off MY fingers.
  • We Did It! 16 of 20
    We Did It!
    Two thumbs up!
  • Ain’t No Thang 17 of 20
    Ain't No Thang
    Oh, these Peanut Butter Fudgy Bars? I made them today while I was vacuuming, scouring the tub, doing my nails, mopping the floor and writing EPIC articles for Babble.
  • One Second… 18 of 20
    One Second...
    While I check my make-up. After all, a gal has to look her best while kickin' butt on the home front.
  • Ooops! Broke A Nail! 19 of 20
    Ooops!  Broke A Nail!
    Nope... False alarm. Just a jagged edge.
  • Basking In Baking Success 20 of 20
    Basking In Baking Success
    Until next week. When Wylet and I attempt a new baking feat.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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