Eco-Friendly Birthday Gifts

The idbids waverly start kit

The more I read and shop lately, it seems like eco-friendly things, toys, products… anything really, is the new trend.  Couldn’t be a better trend either because your kids certainly need to learn by example right?

With so many bad habits taught to us by our parents in the previous decades, and the news that so many foods, and products over the years are turning out to be not so great for us, it only seems right to start and jump on the eco-friendly bandwagon.

Then there is the other issue of birthday parties, and presents for those parties our toddlers are always getting invited too.   Our toddlers actually just got invited to their first real birthday party for our five year old next door neighbor.   You can bet that was a ton of fun for everyone!


Eco-friendly birthday gift ideas, or just toys for our own kids… There are so many to choose from!

  • Blocks by Green Toys 1 of 8
    Blocks by Green Toys
    What kid doesn't love blocks? I know my toddlers could play with them for hours on end. Building, and knocking them down... over and over again.
  • Idbids Waverly Starter Set 2 of 8
    Idbids Waverly Starter Set
    An adorable organic cotton stuffed toy, story book, and information to help teach your kids on going green. Don't all kids love books?
  • Tea Set by Green Toys 3 of 8
    Tea Set by Green Toys
    A personal favorite for little girls, but I certainly have a soft side for the Green Toys company to begin with.
  • Smart Balance Bike 4 of 8
    Smart Balance Bike
    The Cruiser smart balance bike is awesome for any toddler. It helps them to learn how to ride a bike, but it is also made out of birch wood.
  • Work Ben n Box by WonderWorld 5 of 8
    Work Ben n Box by WonderWorld
    A great little alternative to the typically plastic tool sets for kids. Made by Wonderworld.
  • Recycling Truck by Green Toys 6 of 8
    Recycling Truck by Green Toys
    Another favorite from Green Toys... the classic recycling truck. It seems like it has become the iconic symbol for eco friendly toys.
  • Eco-Friendly City Station 7 of 8
    Eco-Friendly City Station
    An awesome city play station by PlanToys. Even available at Toys R Us!
  • Planting Kit 8 of 8
    Planting Kit
    My last pick from Green Toys. The planting kit not only encourages kids to be green, but it also helps them to learn how to plant, and eat organic!

Buy any of these toys at:

Blocks by Green Toys
Idbids Waverly Starter Set
Tea Set by Green Toys
Cruiser Smart Balance Bike
Work Bench N Box
Recycling Truck
City Station
Planting Kit


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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