Entertaining The World’s Most Impatient Person: 10 Ways To Distract Your Toddler

My toddler truly has the attention span of a gnat, so when we are waiting in line at the grocery store, or waiting for our turn at the doctor’s office, I like to have a few tricks up my sleeve to keep him happy, entertained, and most importantly — distracted! After all, there’s only one destination for a bored, anxious toddler — Tantrum City.

Click below and check out these 10 great ways to keep your impatient toddler busy!


  • I Spy With My Little Eye 1 of 10
    I Spy With My Little Eye
    This classic guessing game is fun and entertaining for both toddler and parent. Instead of finding something starting with a letter, try using a color to make the game easier.
  • Choose A Hand 2 of 10
    Choose A Hand
    Put a quarter or any small object in one of your hands, and ask your toddler to guess which one it is in. Offer some ecstatic praise when your toddler gets it right, and you might surprised how long this simple game will keep him or her occupied!
  • Doodlebug 3 of 10
    Pull out a small notebook and pen, and let your toddler draw. If you don't have a notebook, any small scrap of paper will work, even a receipt. My son could doodle on scrap paper all day.
  • Making Funny Faces 4 of 10
    Making Funny Faces
    Take turns making crazy faces with your toddler! Add to the fun by taking photos of your toddler's funny faces with your cell phone, and then show him or her the hilarious shots!
  • Pop Quiz 5 of 10
    Pop Quiz
    Test your toddler's knowledge by asking him or her a few questions. Quizzing on things like parts of the body or the colors of objects in the room is not only fun, but educational!
  • Cell Phone Games 6 of 10
    Cell Phone Games
    Is your toddler an iPhone or iPad junkie? Open up your favorite game app on your phone, and let your toddler enjoy some geek time.
  • Tell A Story 7 of 10
    Tell A Story
    Don't have a book with you? No problem! Tell your toddler one of their favorite stories from memory, or use your imagination to spark theirs! My toddler loves funny stories that I invent about our dog getting into mischief.
  • Snacks To The Rescue! 8 of 10
    Snacks To The Rescue!
    Food can sometimes be the easiest way for your toddler to kill some time. Always keep an emergency supply of snacks in your bag for a great way to fight hunger and boredom.
  • Mommy’s Keys 9 of 10
    Mommy's Keys
    I am pretty sure that from birth until about age 5, kids are interested in playing with a set of car keys. Fork em' over, and let the distraction begin!
  • Sing A Song 10 of 10
    Sing A Song
    From "The Wheels on the Bus", to your toddler's favorite song from TV, sometimes a sing-along with a parent is a good way to grab your toddler's attention and help pass the time.

    Do you have a great tip to entertain an impatient toddler? Please tell me in the comments!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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