Even the Littlest Hands Can Change the World

I’d like to introduce you all to Callum, a young lad of a friend of mine who’s rather amazing. He was diagnosed on the autism spectrum and with intellectual disability, but he is not defined by these challenges alone. To me, he is defined by his incredible talent as an artist and by his prolific ability to communicate through his artwork, despite the extremely delayed developments that autism has given him.

Ever since he was a baby, he’s loved elephants. Unable to speak until he turned 5, elephants became his favorite subject. Over the years, he has created literally thousands of drawings of elephants, depicting a talent for art well beyond the years of any child, with or without autism. The human brain truly is a miraculous thing.

Elephants and Callum’s artwork have bridged the gap for him from making treatments that would otherwise be unavailable to him within his access. Because of this he has developed in ways those who love Callum had dreamed and hoped for. With the recent development of Callum painting his pieces, a new movement has begun. A very special mission built on the premise that Elephants are how Callum talks to the World and what Callum wants to talk to the World about.”

With the growth of the illegal ivory trade, experts are predicting that elephants could be extinct in just 12 short years. Which is why Callum’s artwork is now for sale in prints, postcards (other merchandise coming soon!) with 20% of of sales going to The Elephant Sanctuary, Save the Elephants as well as to the Autism Treatment Network.

Click through below to see a fine selection of Callum’s work.

  • Meet Callum! 1 of 8
    Callum's Elephants

    Click through to check out Callum's incredible paintings 

  • ‘Wild Animal Squad vs. The Invisible’ 2 of 8

    "Can you spot the invisible animals that the Wild Animal Squad is ready to take on? Can you spot Callum's signature?" ~ Melanie, Callum's mom

  • ‘Elephants Crossing the Road’ 3 of 8

    This is another painting inspired by the on site photography of Shannon McCormick. Notice the car driving away in the background and the clouds! This original painting has been sold but is available in stunning prints! ~ Melanie, Callum's mom

  • ‘The Lullaby Park’ 4 of 8

    "This serene and beautifully simple painting of a mommy and baby elephant was painted for an admiring supporter and her new baby. Callum selected a "nursery" color theme. He's super proud of it!" ~ Melanie, Callum's mom

  • ‘Detail from Sunset’ 5 of 8

    "This is piece was painted from Callum's mind as he's gotten more familiar with his new medium. This is just the right corner of the painting, which is full of a hued sky and lots of little elephants going about life on a brilliant orange savanna." ~ Melanie, Callum's mom

  • ‘Life of a Wateringhole’ 6 of 8

    "Callum explores with texture and metallic glazes in this ambitious painting. Notice his signature tucked along the canopy of one tree. Most of the elephants have the colors of precious metals in their themes, perhaps reminding us that living elephants are the most precious. This original painting has been sold but is available in stunning prints!" ~ Melanie, Callum's mom

  • Night Elephants 7 of 8

    "Callum usually draws from his mind. This painting is unique because it was inspired by the photography of Shannon McCormick. It took him two days to complete. The shaded ear of the elephant on the far right was actually painted by Callum's twin, Gareth." ~ Melanie, Callum's mom

  • ‘Eating Leaves’ 8 of 8

    "Classic Callum "curly-cue" knees ..." Melanie, Callum's mom

See the rest of Callum’s painting here, and follow along on Callum’s journey on his Facebook page!


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