Every Parent Deserves a Heavenly Bed

It should tell you something about a hotel room when the first thing your two-year-old does upon entering, is climb up on the bed and say she’s “playing sleep”.

Yep— that’s how inviting Westin’s signature Heavenly Bed looked on our recent trip to the Westin La Paloma in Arizona.

“Ummm… Babe? You’re sleeping in the crib.”

No way was I letting that little tyrant takeover my pillowtop mattress, crisp white comforter and fluffy pillows. That bed was ALL MINE.

When you have a child, making the bed is probably one of the first household chores to go, so coming back to a fully made bed every night of our stay was a rare treat.

Pulling back those covers, resting my weary sun-soaked head, reflecting on our day of swimming and massages and finding sweet sweet sleep.

Of course, sleep tends to get interrupted when you are traveling with a toddler who’s internal clock is three hours ahead of time. So let’s just say, I found out what it was like to fall sleep in that bed several more times than our three-day stay would suggest.

And when I woke up in the morning wanting to stay in bed for as long as humanly possible but was forced out due to a toddler demanding breakfast with a heaping side of attention?

Let’s just say it was a very good thing I had the Westin’s signature Heavenly Shower to start my day.

Nothing wakes a tired parent up better than a hot shower with the perfect amount of pressure.

“Good morning, room service. Do you think someone could deliver my child some milk and cheerios, while I laze around in my bath robe? Thank you.”

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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