Exercising with a Toddler

If you’re a mom, you know how hard it can be to carve out time for yourself for something like regular exercise.  It’s not usually high on the priority list when we have little mouths to feed, messes to clean up, and tantrums to calm.

Since we women are great multitaskers, we can incorporate exercise (or at least something like it) into our day to day activities with our toddlers, even if we can dedicate an hour for exercising every day.

Here are some great ideas for getting in exercise with your toddler.


  • Take Them For A Walk 1 of 12
    Take Them For A Walk
    This definitely isn't power walking if your toddler is walking along with you, but it's a good way for them to burn energy and you to at least get off the couch!
  • Ride Bikes 2 of 12
    Ride Bikes
    Sometimes I push my son in the stroller while my daughter rides her bike, and we also have a bike trailer that we can pull behind our bikes for family bike rides. The former is obviously less of a workout, while the latter is a much better workout.
  • Yoga 3 of 12
    It's not so much relaxing and meditative to do yoga with a toddler, but my kids like to "try" the poses along with me, or use me as a bridge to crawl under while I'm doing downward dog. At least I'm getting some stretching in.
  • Dance Party 4 of 12
    Dance Party
    Turn on the tunes and dance around your living room. My kids love this one, and it makes me feel like a kid again.
  • Go For A Run (Or Walk) 5 of 12
    Go For A Run (Or Walk)
    Strap them into a jogging stroller and go out for a run or brisk walk. The weight of pushing them in the stroller just adds to your workout.
  • Wear Your Toddler 6 of 12
    Wear Your Toddler
    Lots of people wear their babies in carriers, but there are many types of carriers that will work for toddlers up to 35 lbs. or even heavier. Wearing your toddler, either to do basic stuff around the house like dishes, vacuuming, and laundry, or while out and about like grocery shopping, will turn average activities into a workout.
  • Play At The Playground 7 of 12
    Play At The Playground
    Whether playing chase, pushing them on a swing, or just moving with them around the playground, some movement is better than just sitting on a bench and watching.
  • Take Them Swimming 8 of 12
    Take Them Swimming
    The pool or lake is a great place to get in a workout and stay cool at the same time! Give your arms a workout by helping your child float and swim, swim them around on your back, or put them in a floaty thing and kick them around the pool.
  • Chase Them Around The House 9 of 12
    Chase Them Around The House
    Some homes are blessed with a circle that tots will run around and around like a hamster on a wheel. We have to improvise at our house, our kids run a figure eight around our coffee table and our dinning room table. They squeal with delight when I chase them, and don't want me to ever stop. It's good motivation.
  • Use Them As Weights 10 of 12
    Use Them As Weights
    Whether you're just swinging them around, or holding them and using their weight to do arm curls or lunges, it's a great workout. Of course, always be careful of their arms and shoulders, and be sure to hold them safely and securely.
  • Play Outdoor Games 11 of 12
    Play Outdoor Games
    Soccer, basketball, baseball, or more likely just throw the ball and chase after it. Getting outside and playing is just as good for your toddler as it is for you.
  • Wrestle With Them 12 of 12
    Wrestle With Them
    Get on the floor, roll around, tickle them, and laugh until your belly hurts. I'm not sure if the wrestling or the laughing is the better workout!


How do you exercise and stay active with a toddler in tow?


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