Exposure Notice This!

Really? Pink eye? Again?

I am so over pink eye.

No, the toddler doesn’t have it… at least yet. But I got another damn exposure notice from school. This marks the sixth one this year. Not just for my toddler but for my pre-schooler. Between the two of them we have had all these damn notices, and two cases of pink eye that have migrated into our own home.

I swear their pre-school is just preparing me for the kind of nastiness that is going to come home from public school next year when my oldest moves into Kindergarten but for the love of Christ! Enough this school year! Please!

Maybe I am just upset that come kids are actually being sent into their daycare center with pink eye only to be sent home for the day after exposing all the other kids to it. Yes, there are parents that do this frequently, I understand people have to work but they are in turn causing other parents to miss work as well! It just drives me up a damn wall.

I absolutely love the center our boys go to and couldn’t ask for a better program.

I am just over all the damn illnesses that have come with our first winter/spring in a pre-school/daycare center.

I guess I just wasn’t prepared for the amount of nasty illnesses that would be coming home with our boys when they started being exposed to it far more than just the average trip in public would. I thought my kids were healthy enough to really fight off most of this.

Thankfully this round of pink eye hasn’t crept into our house… yet! I continue to hope it doesn’t!

Is it summer vacation yet?

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