Fab Finds: My Top 15 Picks For Toddler Bedrooms From H&M’s New Home Section

Have you heard? H&M not only launched a brand new, extensive home ‘department’ – but now you can purchase directly online from their site! This has been a long-time coming and I’m seriously in love.

I’ve always been a fan of their clothes and excellent prices, both for myself and my kids. But now a home goods section? I knew before even clicking that I was going to get myself in a sticky situation. Wherein I fall in love with everything in sight. Of course, while this may be the time of year that I’m organizing my kids’ bedroom, purging dresser drawers and stocking up on fall and winter clothes – I can’t redecorate their room on a whim.

No matter how delicious the designs are. That said – we have been discussing (for a while now), putting a bunk bed in their room with Wyndham on the top and Abby on the lower – so some new layette may be in order. Although that’s not for a few months down the road. Doesn’t hurt to look does it? Besides – maybe you there, lovely reader; are coincidentally about to decorate (fir the first time), or re-do your little one’s room. In the very least – the coming of a new daycare/school year calls for some organization and preparedness. Herein you’ll find my top 15 picks in their storage solutions, adorable layette and sheeting, plush pillows and toys, hooks, wall hangings and other miscellaneous decor to tie it all together. You’re welcome.

  • My Top 15 Picks 1 of 16

    Functional, thrifty, and adorable.

  • Duvet Cover Set 2 of 16

    I mean, c'mon right? Irresistible. This line comes in white (deer as shown), light pink (bunny!) and grey (tiger!).
    Available via H&M, $24.95 (twin set)

  • Bed Canopy 3 of 16

    Featuring polka dot mesh that any little girl would swoon over! This would be lovely over a reading nook, for a boy or girl.
    Available via H&M, $34.95

  • Knitted Blanket 4 of 16

    With a hood! With ears! With paws! I just can't even.
    Available via H&M, $29.95

  • Elephant Wall Hanging 5 of 16

    Seriously adorable. 
    Available via H&M, $24.95

  • Rug 6 of 16

    Honestly! Heavy want on this.
    Available via H&M, $5.95 (!!!)

  • Soft Toy 7 of 16

    I'm definitely smitten with this roly poly masked avenger.
    Available via H&M, $17.95

  • Canvas Cushion Cover 8 of 16

    So many coordinating elements go along with each of these items that I've featured. Including this totally adorable little metallic embossed fauna pillow!
    Available via H&M, $9.95

  • Cloth Bag 9 of 16

    A simply darling little cloth drawstring pouch for keeping all types of toys organized. Comes in green (bear cub as shown), black (kitten!) and pink (bunny!).
    Available via H&M, $6.95

  • Storage Boxes 10 of 16

    Gorgeous! Book shaped with metallic and ribbon accents ideal for keeping trinkets, hair accessories, and other treasures organized.
    Available via H&M, $19.95

  • Bear-Tastic! 11 of 16

    L O V E. Made with organic cotton and so much fun for a boy or a girl! Comes in green or turquoise as shown.
    Available via H&M, $24.95

  • Plush Toy 12 of 16

    Isn't she darling?
    Available via H&M, $5.95

  • Hooks 13 of 16

    Coordinates perfectly with those cloth drawstring bags from a few slides back. Get organized and keep it cute!
    Available via H&M, $5.95 (2 pk.)

  • Storage Basket 14 of 16

    This is but one of the awesome baskets you'll find in H&M's kid section. Perfect for clustering and nesting to keep the floors in less of a hostile take-over situation.
    Available via H&M, $9.95 

  • Wall Hanging 15 of 16

    Uber feminine and totally precious.
    Available via H&M, $24.95

  • Decorative Letters 16 of 16

    It's a verb. Use it, display it! Comes in metallic silver as shown, turquoise, orange, dark and light pink.
    Available via H&M, $12.95

Which ones do you love?  (I was not compensated in any way for this post – I’m just a fan of adorable design for kids with irresistible price-tags!)


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