Fake Birthday Parties for Summer Birthdays?

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Happy Almost Birthday!!

When my sister was pregnant with her first baby nine years ago and she told me of her baby’s July due date, we both looked at each other and said:

“Camp Birthday.”

We said it sort of matter-of-factly as two girls who spent most of our youth at sleep-away camp.  Of course, we were thinking about her child when he was of age to go to sleep-away camp, not his preschool or younger school experience.

I didn’t exactly plan for two summer babies, but life gave me two strong boys that were born naked and stayed naked for a good three months due to the heat.  At the time, I wasn’t thinking about what would happen when it came time for birthday parties. I didn’t know we’d be spending our summers away from home, either.

So, while we’ve been attending birthday parties galore all year long,  we’ll be away for his birthday (Fuzz’s too). 

I was feeling a little bad about it, so, I thought about having a birthday party for him before we left for the summer, but it’s still a good six weeks from his real birthday.  I thought it might confuse him, and his friends, too, or at the very least, make him think that he can have a birthday and presents whenever he wants.

Another friend of mine has a daughter the same age. Her preschool year is almost over, and at the end of the year, they do fake birthday parties for all the summer birthdays.  At a fake birthday party, they pretend it’s her birthday and sing to her and her parents bring in treats for her classmates. This way, she’ll get to experience a school birthday, just like all of her peers had.

When I was a teacher, we did allow summer birthday kids to bring in a birthday book the last week of school. They could share it at the beginning or end of the day, although we didn’t allow parties in class. This was the same treatment as all the other kids got, too, but of course, they got it on their actual birthdays. I thought this was a happy medium.

What do you think about celebrating ‘fake’ birthdays for kids born in the summer before the end of the school year?

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