Falling Into Fall: Hayride Ahoy!

Yep. Still rockin' the binky. And I'm still okay with that.

While being my favorite season, fall is also a harbinger of the cold that is to come.

Still, I take advantage of the perfect 70 degree temperatures while I can. We buy hay bales, cornstalks, mums and pumpkins for the porch and we try to hit as many fall festivals as we can. That ain’t hard around these countrified parts. Throw a softball and you’re likely to hit some kind of hootenanny underway at somebody’s farm.

In addition to debating all possible Halloween costume ideas Violet has also been all hopped up about going on a hayride. I don’t know who gave her this notion but I’ll be damned if she didn’t talk about ‘goin’ on a hayride’ all last week.

So we did. And, in addition to a Dixie cup of tasty hot chocolate served up by the sweetest old gal you ever did see, I got some pretty cool photos out of the deal:

  • The Bielankos 1 of 18
    The Bielankos
    Putting the fun in dysfunction, y'all!
  • Corn Maze 2 of 18
    Corn Maze
    We spent a good half hour roaming around this corn maze out behind the farm.
  • Sweet Boy 3 of 18
    Sweet Boy
    I think Henry was into it more than anyone.
  • Light 4 of 18
    He gathered corn and hid and giggled. He is such a light in my life.
  • Dorks 5 of 18
    We had a pretty good time too.
  • One More! 6 of 18
    One More!
    Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  • Finally, Her Hay Ride 7 of 18
    Finally, Her Hay Ride
    Central Pennsylvania countryside out there.
  • The Girls 8 of 18
    The Girls
    Except Grandma. My mom came with us too.
  • My Brother 9 of 18
    My Brother
    This is my little brother Jordan. Except he's not very little so I guess he's my younger brother by about two years.
  • Isn’t He Handsome? 10 of 18
    Isn't He Handsome?
    He's also available, ladies!
  • Dad 11 of 18
    There's my family.
  • Me And My Babies 12 of 18
    Me And My Babies
    I like really like this one that Serge snapped.
  • Finally, Mom’s in a Photo! 13 of 18
    Finally, Mom's in a Photo!
    I had him take a couple of me and the kids since 95% of all our photos are of him and the kids.
  • Grandma 14 of 18
    There she is! My ma, who hates having her photo taken.
  • Farm Boy 15 of 18
    Farm Boy
    Look out, I'm backing this bad boy up!
  • Violet’s Turn 16 of 18
    Violet's Turn
    Kids and tractors, man.
  • All Right, Enough of the Tractor Already 17 of 18
    All Right, Enough of the Tractor Already
    I think we spent more time on the tractors than the actual hay ride.
  • Family Photo 18 of 18
    Family Photo
    Thanks for coming along! I think this is our first family photo in a long time.

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